6 Surprisingly Thrifty and Chic Bedroom Ideas

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Everyone wants to have a bedroom that is designed and defines them. And designing the bedroom can be frustrating most of the time when you are not exactly sure how you want it to look, even more so when you are creating and designing a beautiful bedroom especially when on a budget.

There are great ways to improve and add creative flare to your bedroom. Here are 6 bedroom ideas that are budget-friendly.

1. Stack Up Old Drawers as Shelves

You want to have a shelf just above your headboard space but don’t want to spend a dime on buying new bookshelves? Plus, you can’t help but think about how much that would cost and the hassle of putting it behind the bed. It can really be scary. A good way to avoid that is to get yourself acquainted with your handy tools and repurpose some old furniture into new ones that can be multi-functional. Why not turn your drawers and stack them up into snazzy -looking shelves? That way you can also save up a good amount of interior space.

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2. Hidden Drawers Under the Bed

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If you are going to redecorate the bedroom, let’s not forget about upgrading the bed. Other than saving up a lot of interior space, one way of maximizing your room is having a two-in-one type of furniture. A good upgrade for your bedroom is adding storage space to your platform bed. They are practically great for small bedrooms. Once you’ve installed drawers and mini-compartment under the mattress, it allows you to store your clothes and other necessities.

3. Creating A Wall Feature

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Having good patterned decorations can be a great addition for your bedroom. How about hanging a collection of photographs for your wall feature? Dedicate one whole wall to a set of your original artworks or favorite quotes from famous authors. Make the walls your canvas to display and define your character. This can make an amazingly creative focal point and it becomes the center piece for the bedroom. With this, let your personality and originality show on this wall feature.

4. Invest in Timeless pieces

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When you do plan on spending, might as well invest on timeless pieces that are complimentary to your current beddings. Accessories and small decors may be a miniscule addition to the design but it goes a long way. Good thing on decorating with a variety of these pieces is that you can reuse them. Doing so, you can avoid buying a whole new set for decorating the bedroom and to make changes easily for redecorating in the future.

5. Update Your Furniture

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Decorating with a budget can limit you but it also opens the option of recycling what you have. So when you are planning to update your furniture, don’t be afraid to explore thrift stores. Tip in choosing what to look for -furniture with sleek and edgy scheme go with the modern and classy look. While comfy and soft textured furniture are common when you have a contemporary theme. There are lots of amazing piece that you might be surprised to find. You can find stuff that you can also upcycle and transform them into really fabulous creations.

6. Repaint some more

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Color theme is definitely the highlighting factor for all room decorating. This is where you decide on how the appearance of each part of the bedroom will look like. Each point should focus on your approach to the colors – do you want to go for minimalist or more on a fun and retro-style attitude? Do you want a cozy and comfy look or a room with bold and eye-popping scheme? If you want to be safe with your colors, go with light colors and paint your walls white. It keeps the design simpler and easier to pair with colors that will be complimentary for the whole look.



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