Confessions of a DIY Addict: The Princess Bedroom Makeover

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Giving a bedroom a proper makeover is extremely hard work and turning one into a room fit for a princess can definitely exhaust all your brain’s creative juice. But even one may find decorating a bedroom frustrating, all you need is great advice on how to do the makeover yourself (all in a budget of course)! So there is no need to hold that makeover plans, you can make sure that you will have the plans set to create the perfect princess bedroom. Take it from a DIY addict, it may be hard at first but with a few simple must-dos and know-hows there is an easy way to ease into the makeover process without a hitch.

Light Color Palette

Color palette is fairly important in having a bedroom makeover. One of the key colors to use when making a princess-type is having a lot of light shades and pastel colors. Of course the most popular choice you can always go with is pink, which is practically the most obvious choice as well. But if you want to stray from the traditional option, going with pastel colors like light blue and creamy hues can do you no wrong.

princess bedroom makeover1

Whimsical Bed

Of course, there are certain elements that need to be incorporated into the bedroom and the bed (which is the main focal point of the room) is no different. Having a regal touch applied to the bed crown should be one of the main features applied to the bed’s headboard. Also, adding some curtains to surround the bed also gives it a royal setting. One good idea to add on to the bed frames, if you are having a Rapunzel themed bedroom design, is artificial vines that wraps all around the wooden structure.

Tutu Curtains

It’s actually very easy to create tutu curtains for the windows which is a great addition to create that girly and princess look. It is simple and yet a very effective addition to your princess theme. With that flowy chiffon texture to place in your windows, it also gives a lighter feel to the room which can add to the comfortability of the bedroom.

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Red or Pink Carpets

You can add carpets to the bedroom floor and it doesn’t have to cover all the floor space since maintenance and carpet cleaning can be a bit time consuming. Although one neat trick on carpet cleaning in Gold Coast is to soak those carpets in vinegar and water mixture while adding lemon juice to that can help remove all allergens and stains. Having a red or even pink carpets lined up from the door to the bed is one way in making your kid feel like she is a princess and it also gives the room a regal aura to it.

Wall Paintings

The perfect wall art to accompany the bedroom for a princess theme is by having a wall feature! One wall can be good enough to dedicate your princess decorations or even a wall mural like Rapunzel did in Tangled. You can also consider painting a castle or kingdom like a landscape mural art, or maybe even a bricked wall painting to make it similar to the interior of Rapunzel’s tower.

princess bedroom makeover3

Regal Picture Frames

The regal element added to each frames can be easily identified and when you have those for holding all other photos then you can exactly give that bedroom that extra lavish style. Have these frames in various hues of your chosen color base and you will see how each frames can add depth to the main bedroom color. Plus, it also helps in filling up the blank spaces you are sure to have in a bedroom.

We all can agree that makeovers can be problematic particularly if you do not have any idea how to start or when to start. Though, you may have a tiny plan set for a bedroom it can still be confusing if you can’t reorganize your thought on how to make it all work. But as long as you get to stick to these six basic elements, it is a guarantee that you will not have a problem in giving your princesses the magical and whimsical bedroom they deserve.


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