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9 Interior Styling Tips For Tiny Flats

Even if you moved into a tiny flat, a home is still a home. And, there’s so much you can do with the space that you have. After all, the exciting part of homeownership begins with styling and decorating. And, with a tiny flat, it’s normal to feel restricted. It’s like working with a maze that’s just difficult to get through. If you design your tiny flat well enough, you won’t ever have to feel claustrophobic in a small space. You can still have a lot of personality in your home, without it feeling too cluttered or tight. 

The trick with styling flats from Luton Developments, especially if the space isn’t up to your liking, is to get to know the right interior styling ideas. With that said, here are some tips and tricks you can use when styling tiny flats.

1. Never Waste Natural Light

The more natural light you can have in your tiny flat, the bigger and airier it’s going to feel. The key to having this is by having big windows. If floor-to-ceiling glass windows are possible, then that’s even better. During the day, you have so much light coming through. At night, you can simply conceal the light with blinds or blackout curtains, allowing for better sleep. 

Design-wise, maximizing natural light is always a good idea, both for light and for controlling temperature. This is made even better with the other advantages it brings, like cost savings! You’ll be glad you have big windows when you get to enjoy a lower electricity bill. When daylight is at its best, you won’t have to keep as many lights on as you normally would’ve in a flat without natural light.

2. Scale Down Your Furniture

Yes, you fell in love with that big but stylish couch you saw at the home furniture store. But when you scale it according to your tiny flat’s size, perhaps it’s just going to be too bulky for the space you have. If it eats up too much of your living space, then you have to scale down. 

A small space also needs small furniture. If you look well enough, there’s plenty of different furniture you can find, which winds up to be the perfect size for your space. It’s on you and your interior designer to choose the style that fits the theme and design of your desired space. 

3. Keep The Floor Clear

Since you have a tiny flat, this isn’t the avenue for you to have a lot of things all over the floor – jars, pots, planters, and whatnot. You have to keep the floor clear, so you can make the space look bigger. The more room you have to move around, the bigger your tiny space is going to feel.

Skip the floor lamps, too. The dramatic feel brought by proper lighting can still be achieved by using either wall or ceiling lamps. 

4. Shrink Your Dining Table

Four-seater dining tables are best for tiny flats, and there’s no need to have any bigger than that. Round tables are the best shape so you can make even more space. If you have guests beyond four, invite them to eat outside instead. This way, you don’t have to feel so cramped at home with a bigger table made for entertaining. 

 5. Think Tall And Wide

When designing your shelves with your interior designer, implement a floor-to-ceiling shelving system. This allows you to maximize the vertical space you have. One of the top space-eaters is the lack of storage space. This makes your tiny flat feel messy and too small, especially when your things are all over the space. But if you have tall, vertical shelves, there’ll always be enough room for all your belongings. 

6. Make Mirrors Your Best Friend

Mirrors are a staple in every tiny flat. Going back to the first tip on using natural light, if you’re blessed enough to have a lot of it, then mirrors are no longer called for. However, if your windows are small, and there’s only very little natural light that could get in, mirrors are going to be your best friend.

Mirrors create the impression of space, making your space look and feel wider. There are many ways to go about with this, depending on what you and your interior designer like. For example, you can have one big mirror on one wall. Or, you can have a wall of mirrors with different sizes and frames as your accent wall.

7. Mount Your TV

In keeping attuned with maximizing your wall space, mounting your TV on the wall is another good interior design you can do. If you don’t have a TV console eating up space, it’ll make your living space look and feel bigger.

8. Use Large Rugs

When you have a tiny space, you wouldn’t want to draw attention to how small the space really is. Like using mirrors, large rugs create the illusion of space by increasing the grandeur in your tiny home.

Ultimately, however, you have to factor in the shape and size of each room and furniture, so the rug can serve as that final touch.

9. Build A Glass Sectional

While putting up partition walls is a no-no with a tiny flat, this doesn’t mean you can’t create defined sections in your apartment. An effective interior design is to erect a glass sectional between your living room and dining and kitchen areas. This helps define the zones, even in a small space, without eating up too much space.

Glass also adds so much style and sophistication to what may have otherwise been a plain-looking room.


For a house to feel like a home, you don’t necessarily need to have the biggest space on the block. In fact, living in a tiny flat does come with its perks, too. As you’re now backed with some styling tips, all that’s left for you to do is get started with styling. Get hold of an interior designer you can trust, and, soon enough, your tiny flat can look exactly as you imagined your home to be.

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