Best Plants for Tiny Spaces

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Kravelv

Living in a small space can be challenging but also equally rewarding! The lack of space forces us to really decide what possessions are most useful and precious to us while also forcing us to scale down on the things we don’t need. Tiny homes also allow our creativity to flourish since we have to come up with different solutions for storage and decor. Living rooms, for example, are ideal for mirrors, multi-functional furniture, and small coffee tables.

We have to get especially smart with our decor choices so we can make our living area home without taking up too much precious space! Houseplants are great decor choices for small spaces to accomplish just this! Several plants have air-purifying qualities that make it easier for us to breathe. All plants in general help bring in a touch of color to our home and fit with almost anything. Huge palms and philodendrons are great to look at but can take up a little more floor space than we have available. Luckily, plants come in many shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find one that fits both with your space and your personal style!

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ProFlowers created a guide to the 21 best small indoor plants to you can squeeze into your tiny apartments. Many of us know about ever-popular succulents and air plants, but have you considered having some baby toes on your nightstand? What about the so-called “living stone” plant, lithops? There are a lot more choices for tiny plants than you think! This guide includes popular and uncommon plants along with their care guidelines. Their small plant guide also includes styling tips so you can see all of the inventive ways you can incorporate these plants into your home while also maximizing your space. Take a look below to see what plants you can bring into your home!

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