Which Room Should You Decorate First in Your New Home?

Last Updated on August 25, 2022 by Kravelv

So, you’ve just moved into your new home and you’re left with a blank canvas, meaning you’ve got a whole lot of decorating to do. If your home requires a drastic amount of decoration work here, there and everywhere, then you may be left wondering where on earth you should start, and whether or not this decision matters. Well, in this guide we’ve broken down which rooms you should decorate first and why.

modern living room interior design
Image by chien than from Pixabay

The living room takes center stage

There’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer to the question of which room is best to decorate first. That said, as a general rule of thumb, it makes sense that you decorate your living room first. Sure, the living room may not be as practical as a bathroom or a kitchen – but that’s exactly why it deserves to be decorated first. With living room design, you’ll consider the smallest of details like table legs and furnishings.

 The living room is the space where you spend most of your time relaxing, and hence you spend a lot of time looking around the room – if you’re not glued to the TV of course.

This is the room where your guests are going to come in and sit when they visit your home, so this room must take priority in the decorating stage. Guests will understand that you have just moved home, so they won’t judge you if the house is somewhat ‘upside down. But you could certainly spark a striking impression on them by having them socialize with you in the newly decorated (or under progress) living room.

Don’t rush into decorating

While we have established the importance of the living room and its interior design, if you are still undecided on how you want the room to look, we suggest taking some more time to think, and begin decorating a more basic room where decorating isn’t as important instead.

Next up, the kitchen!

Once you have embellished the living room, the kitchen should be next on your decorating list. This is another space where interior design is essential. It also makes logistical sense, since it’s also downstairs, near the living room, and another area where visitors may wind up encountering when visiting you.

Above all though, the kitchen is a space where you are most productive – and it’s far more difficult to be productive when the space is in the process of refurbishment. The sooner your kitchen decorating is completed, the sooner you’ll be able to make family meals and prepare food with peace of mind.

What about the bedroom?

You could leave your bedroom until last since there is only you or whoever the room belongs to who will be in there. But it is still important to remember that it’s a room where you’ll spend a fair share of your time. It’s not as much a priority as the living room and the kitchen, but it’s something you could begin adorning at any stage of the home decorating process. Overall, it is recommended that you start with the most frequented rooms, and those that will be used by yourself the most, before moving onto those rooms that are more of your inner sanctuary than for any guests or visitors.

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