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How to Spring Clean Your Interior Look Without Over Spending

Freshening up your interior look does not have to be devastating to your wallet. Sometimes the best way to update your room’s look has more to do with adding uniqueness than choosing expensive upgrades. To help freshen up your interior look this spring without breaking the bank try the tips below.

Put on a Coat of Fresh Paint

Sometimes simply picking out a modern, statement wall color can update your look for the cost of a couple of gallons of paint. Consider a bold, trendy shade or adding a splash of color with an impact wall.

Decorate with Unique Photos or Prints

Sometimes choosing a few unique photographs or prints can change the focus of the room and draw a visitor’s attention in a positive way. Try to find images that fit with the theme you are trying to convey throughout the rest of the room. If you find that perfect print but don’t want to fork out too much on a frame, use leftover or cut pieces of trim to create your own unique frame.

Add a Pop of Color by Adding Some Throw Pillows

If your room needs some personality or just a little more color, throw pillows are a great way to change the look of the room with minimal commitment. Try a unique pattern or fabric to bring a bit of whimsy and personality into the room. You can find these for cheap or even make them yourself.

Establish a Room Theme with Window Treatments

Window treatments tie together the theme of the room or help to modernize a room that might be slightly dated. While window treatments can vary extremely in price range, you can often find what you are looking for will eventually go on sale if you are patient. You can also make these yourself with a little sewing know-how.

Light up the Space with a Unique Lamp

Lighting can change the entire way a room appears, so it is important to not only consider the look of lamps and other lighting fixtures but also the amount of light it provides as well. See if you can switch out to LED for a longer light-span.

Freshen Up with Essential Oils

The aroma of a room can not only evoke a mood but also can have a calming and relaxing effect. To set the appropriate mood for your living space try an essential oil  diffuser and pick an oil that can help create the mood you want. Essential and doTERRA oils have a lot of different scents available that can freshen up a room from lavender to sage.

Whether your room needs a little spruce up or a complete update, you can freshen up your interior look this spring with a few items that will be friendly for your room as well as your wallet.

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