8 Poisonous Foods for Dogs


A dog’s life is never like a box of chocolates. While a tasty chocolate popsicle stick might seem like a pleasant surprise for your canine pal, it can actually cause irreversible damages. As a caretaker of your pet, you have the full responsibility to be pro-active in learning about the best and the worst food that can affect your dog’s holistic health. Example of such is Clumping Cat Litter for cats. This is specifically true since a dog’s metabolism greatly differs from ours. To save your dog from varying medical conditions, below are some of the foods that should never touch your dog’s bowl:

1.  Avocado

“A” should never be for “avocado” when you are planning a meal for your canine since it contains Persin—a component known to cause heart congestion, diarrhea, and vomiting. In worst cases,
avocado consumption can be lethal to your pet.

2.  Chives and Onions

Whether dry or processed, chives and onions are amongst the worst foods you can feed your dog. This is primarily because these common household ingredients are comprised of sulfoxides and disulfides which can cause anemia.

3.  Soda, Coffee, and Chocolate

You may be a coffee or a chocolate-lover, but your canine should never be your caffeine buddy since they are hypersensitive to its effects. Likewise, chocolates are always at the top of the list when it comes to worst pet foods because it does not only contain caffeine but more importantly, theophylline and theobromine which can lead to problems in the heart and in the central nervous system.

4.  Alcohol

I don’t actually see the point of giving your dog a cup of brandy to sip in, but just to emphasize how bad alcohol is for your pets, it can cause blood acidity, vomiting, difficulty of breathing, depression in the central nervous system, coma—and yes, death.

5.  Raisins and Grapes

A lot of pet owners feel like giving their dogs a handful of raisins and grapes is a marvelous treat, but it is definitely not. In fact, it only takes about 4 or 5 grapes to completely shift your dog’s health status. Some canines die from raisin and grape ingestion because its complex compounds can cause irreversible damage to the kidney.

6.  Macadamia Nuts

Who doesn’t love macadamia nuts? Such as cats love in best automatic litter box. Well, for one, it’s your canine buddy. A common ingredient in cookies and other snacks, macadamia nuts are comprised of toxins that can cause depression, tremors, weakness and hyperthermia.

7.  Corn on the Cob

Aside from the fact that corn kernels in large amounts can cause digestive tract irritation, the cob can be fatal to your canine pal since it can block the small intestine. If your pup accidentally swallows a cob, you will need to have it removed through a surgery.

8.  Gums

Lastly, never let your dog chew a gum because it can lead to liver damage and hypoglycemia caused by xylitol, a common gum component, which prompts your canine’s pancreas to increase insulin production.

Not because it’s good for you, it already means that it’s good for your dog. More than anything else, responsible ownership breathes life to your canine. Stop poisoning your dogs. Feed responsibly!

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