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How To Remodel A House With Wood Pallets

You can use wood pallets to remodel your house in many ways. Using wooden pallets as a material for your remodeling is a cost-effective method, especially if the pallets are repurposed or recycled. You can start by considering the scope of the remodel and the wood pallets available.

The next step would be finding the wood pallets for your house remodel project. Finding wood pallets is delicate because you must ensure they’re in good condition. Therefore, you must ensure you’re buying wood pallets from a reputable company such as Challenger Pallet & Supply. With that said, here is how to remodel a house with wood pallets:

1. Shelves 

Consider creating more storage space during a remodel by adding shelves. Using wood pallets to make shelves for your house might be the easiest project you can undertake. That’s because you can make a wooden shelf by simply using one straight cut on a pallet.

The materials needed for this project include the following:

However, to make a shelf strong, you’ll have to include a solid wood beam on the sides for support. The beam can serve as the shelf’s base and should be similar in length and width. In addition, if your style is rustic, you can use vertical planks on the wood pallet shelves. The vertical planks would also support other wood pieces used to make a more elaborate shelf. 

Once you’re done mounting the shelves, ensure you carry out thorough sanding and polishing to achieve a smooth finish. You can also paint the shelves to match your interior aesthetics and preserve the wood. 

2. Furniture 

You can also introduce wood pallet seats and coffee tables into your house during a remodel. It’s easy to convert wood pallets into simple chairs and coffee tables, especially if you have reasonably sized pallets.  

Some of the tools that you’ll need when making DIY furniture for your house using wood pallets include the following: 

You can buy all these tools at a local store and store them for future use. Once you have a wood pallet that’s the ideal size for a coffee table, you must make a few adjustments, such as painting and adding a glass top. 

Another way of utilizing wood pallets for your furniture is by stacking up and joining pallets to make lounge seats. Once you have the structure and design for the wood pallets, you can finish by adding comfortable cushions. 

Additionally, you can use wood pallets to make a desk and a chair by simply stacking up and attaching pallets to make a suitable size for your desk. Ideally, one pallet can function as the table’s top while pallet beams serve as the desk’s legs. Using a wood pallet, you can create a seat slightly shorter than the desk. 

You can always improve on the design of the furniture by designing legs or drawing designs on the wood pallets to make them unique and suitable for your house aesthetic. In addition, painting the furniture makes it less rustic and more suitable for modern space. Nonetheless, wood pallet furniture is user-friendly, and you can turn this into a fun do-it-yourself (DIY) project. 

The appeal of using wood pallets while remodeling a house is that it’s inexpensive, easily accessible, and eco-friendly. When coming up with furniture pieces, you’ll have to be creative to ensure that you have unique pieces that light up your home.  

3. Flooring 

It might come as a surprise, but you can use wood pallets to remodel your house’s floor. One of the reasons it can be great to consider using wood pallets for your floor is that they are aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective.  

You’ll need the following equipment for your wood pallet DIY flooring project:

Though wooden floors are trendy, they can be expensive to install and purchase. However, wood pallets, especially reused or recycled ones, are cheap. The planks in wood pallets are the same size, thus making them suitable for flooring. You can ensure that you buy wood pallets whose planks are reasonably and uniformly sized for the floors. 

Once you have the pallets, the next step is to separate the planks and spread them out on the floor in the design you prefer. Ensure that you remove all the nails from the planks and sand them before spreading them on the floor. You can then use wood glue to attach the planks to the bottom, and they should adhere easily. 

Once done, placing the pallets on the floor and they are perfectly attached, you can paint or stain them as desired to offer a great finish. Painting is crucial if the pallets have different colors to ensure your floor is uniform. Nonetheless, your style and vision for the space determine your finish. 

4. Library Display

You can create a fantastic library display for your house using wood pallets. This project only requires a tiny space, and a single wall is enough to make a book display. All you need to do is place wood pallets in a row adjacent to the wall on their side. You can use nails and glue to attach them. 

You’ll require essential tools to accomplish this project, such as the following: 

The spaces between the pallets can be used to shelve books. Additionally, more books can be organized on top of the pallets library, with plants planted in the pallets’ gaps. This design can bring calm and life into your library space. 

5. Picture Frames 

Wood pallets are also great for making DIY picture frames. However, before making wood pallets picture frames, make sure they’re treated and in good condition to avoid having pests in the house. Moreover, bad wood pallets might rot within a short time. 

To make picture frames, you’ll need the following tools: 

You can get these tools from a convenience store near you, and they’re fairly easy to use. 

Once you have your wood pallets, select the ones with similar thickness for uniformity of the picture frames. If the pallets have different thicknesses, you can use a plane to achieve uniform thickness.  

You’ll also have to cut a rabbet into some of the pallets. The rabbets would allow you to fix the frame mat, print, and glass. Once everything is in order, you can assemble the materials and use wood glue to attach the pallets at the joints. When assembling the materials, you can apply the finishing of your preference.  

The complexity of the process depends on the selected design. If you also have many parts, the process can also be completed. Nonetheless, your picture frames would be a conversation piece in your remodeled house. 

6. Unique Garden Chairs 

Using wood pallets, you can create a unique outdoor experience by making unique and quirky garden chairs. Some of the materials you’ll need for this project include the following: 

Basic woodwork skills are also essential in completing this project. Once you have all the necessary materials, you can start assembling them according to your unique design. However, you must ensure that you attach strong legs that accommodate weight variations to avoid stumbling over them when someone sits on them. 

You can also paint and decorate the final products to suit your taste. Other than being decorative, paint is also necessary to preserve the wooden seats. 

7. Pallet Signposts 

Signposts can be used to add character to boring walls. You can use wood pallets to make simple signposts with warm messages. It is an easy project where all you have to do is get the following materials: 

You can start by separating the pallets and then cleaning and sanding the ones you’ll be using. Once the pallets are sanded and clean, you can dry them in the sun to ensure they have no moisture. When dry, you can paint and write whatever you wish. You can also design the signposts to make them attractive. 

Once the signposts are dry, you can hang them on the walls using hangers for a modern touch or ropes if you’re inclined to a rustic feel. Signposts can warm your home, whatever design and preference you lean towards. 

8. Herb Table 

One of the remodel items you should consider including in your kitchen is a herb table or a pallet garden. Depending on the available space, you can consider many designs for a herb table. You can either place the herb table indoors or outdoors, depending on your size and available space. 

Some of the materials that you’ll need for the project include the following: 

If you have limited space in your kitchen, you can opt for a herb garden propped up against the wall. However, if you have some space, you can opt for a horizontal herb table where the pallet is laid flat on the floor or a raised surface. 

You can use the planks to create a durable frame around the wood pallet and then sand the pallets to create a smooth surface. The next step would be to stain the pallet and let it dry. You can then use a weed cloth to cover the bottom side of the pallet before placing plywood over it. 

Once the bottom of the pallet is secure, you can pour in the topsoil, spreading it evenly. You can then plant the herbs between the slits of the pallets. Finally, label the different herbs using a paintbrush.  

9. Cabana 

You can also consider making a cabana using wood pallets during a house remodel. Cabanas are a relaxing area for you and your family when lounging outside. However, you need enough space in your backyard for a cabana. Some of the materials you’ll need include the following: 

Before sanding the surfaces, you can start by measuring the wood pallets and ensuring they’re the same size. When done, you can reinforce the pallets by using the boards. When attaching, you should check to ensure enough sitting space. Continue with this process until the frame of the cabana is finished. 

The next step would be to make a canopy using the fabric, which should be draped from the center to the sides of the cabana. The idea is to have the fabric forming a canopy over the cabana and secured on the corners using glue or pins. Finally, place cushions in the cabana for comfort. 

10. Kitchen Splashback 

The idea of making a kitchen splashback using wood pallets is similar to that of flooring. It will make your kitchen unique and bring a warm feeling to the space. For this project, you’ll need the following: 

The first step is to ensure that your wood pallets have the same thickness; you can get this from planning. You can then sand the surfaces to get a smooth finish. Once your pallets are ready, you can use a miter saw to cut them into uniform pieces and start placing them on the backsplash using hot glue to ensure they adhere properly. 

When done stacking the pallets, you can sand any rough edges and use a staining cloth to stain the backsplash as per your preference. 

11. Bedroom Headboard 

 You can also cleverly use a wood pallet to make a headboard for your bedroom. A creative headboard can add personality to your space and showcase your bed. Moreover, a wood pallet headboard might be the way to go if your aesthetic is country and a laid-back, tranquil atmosphere. Further, you’ll be giving your bedroom a rustic-chic atmosphere. 

You’ll need the following materials for your project: 

The complexity of your wood pallet headboard depends on your design. If you’re making a simple wood headboard, you’ll start by gathering your pallets. The pallets can have different color tones for aesthetic purposes. You can then separate the pallets from the wooden boards and be keen to save the nails for reuse. 

The next stage is to sand the pallets for a smooth surface before painting or staining with the preferred color to match the bedroom style. Once the pallets are dry, you can start making the frame by measuring the length and width of the bed to ensure it fits. To make the frame, you can attach the planks using a drill or nail gun. 

Once the frame is ready, the next step is to attach the pallets. Your design will determine how you place the pallets. Finally, add the finishing touches to the headboard. 


Remodeling a house can be expensive, and you should consider all possible means to reduce your expenses. Wood pallets are affordable and easily available, especially when they’re reclaimed. Additionally, wood pallets can significantly change the aesthetic of your home by making it rustic and warm. Consider taking on a wood pallet DIY project for your next remodel!

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