How to remove paint stains from the carpet?

Last Updated on May 10, 2022 by Kravelv

Your home carpet will add value to your home in many ways. Carpets do protect your costly floors. Thus, when it comes to selling your property, giving them on rent and lease needs your home carpet to look neat and clean? It will help if you can book the carpet cleaning service if you have no time for do-it-yourself. I have suggested some of the best ways to remove paint stains from home carpets.

paint stain on carpet

Buy Stain Remover 

Visit a nearby hardware shop and buy a suitable stain remover for your home carpet. It would help if you could discuss your carpet cleaning needs with the store salesman. Now, bring home the carpet stain remover and read the instructions on how to use it. It would help if you could do as per the instructions.

If you find a good result, you can stop cleaning them again. It is advisable to buy cleaning supplies and a kit if you do not have such tools in your home. The carpet stain removers are available in solution, powder, paste and gel forms. A synthetic stain remover is best to remove paint stains from home carpets.

If you immediately remove the paint stain with a stain remover, then the stain is removed from the carpet, but if not, then if you search on Google then you can find local Auckland Based carpet cleaning companies such as Home Essential & Hire Tradies So you can visit their website for Quick and professional carpet cleaning service.

Try DIY Methods 

Your bathroom and kitchen ingredients will be a great cleaning agent in your home. It would help if you could follow the below-mentioned methods for an instant paint stain cleaning on the carpet at your home.


Take out the stained carpet to your washing room inside or outside your home. Pour some vinegar on the stained portion of your carpet. Could you wait until it gets fully absorbed? Pour some additional quantity of vinegar if necessary. Wait until you notice any changes in the colour of the paint. If it changes, it is a good sign that a mild hot water wash can remove the paint stain. Use regular washing detergent and cleanse the stained portion alone. If it is vanishing away, it is well and good. If the stain is seen in diminished form, repeat this same task after getting fried.


Alcohol is the best cleaning agent for any synthetic materials. The paint is a synthetic substance. Thus, it is one of the best alternative ways to remove paint stains from your home carpet. Pour sufficient vodka on the stained portion of your home carpet. It is advisable to rub that portion as the alcohol starts to evaporate when it gets open to the air. If you find the colour of the paint stain is changing, it is a good sign. Repeat the exact cleaning method until you see no paint stains on the carpet. Later wash them with warm water by adding washing detergent and cleanse them well.

When you try alternative methods, it is advisable to read some reviews and watch videos before you try.

It will help if you could book the carpet cleaning service if the home carpet is a costly one. They will remove it by adding the right paint removal agent and bring it back to the proper form.

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