5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home This Summer


There’s nothing like summer. The kids are out of school, the pools are open and the sun is shining. Summer invites a completely different way of living, and it can be a beautiful thing. The best interior designers in Los Angeles know how to use this special time to make over homes so they take maximum advantage of all the extra light. If you’d like to do the same, try implementing the following five tips on brightening up your home this summer.

  1. Declutter

The first step to creating a bright, inviting atmosphere is to declutter. Get all of the paperwork, nick knacks and extra accessories you used to brighten your home in the winter months, and put them away for the summer. The simple act of clearing off and decluttering surfaces in your home will help brighten your rooms significantly.

  1. Bust Out the Color

Summer is the time to really go crazy with the colors you love. Think of a field of wildflowers, just bursting with bright hues and soaking in all the sunshine they can get. Recreate this feeling in your home with bright pillows, candles, and other accent pieces.

  1. Use Fruit and Flowers

One of the easiest ways to get a pop of bright summer is to use the products of summer in your decorating. Create displays with freshly picked flowers, or even a nice bowl of fruit.

  1. Keep it Natural

Nothing screams summer like the beach, and using natural textiles like woven fabrics in your home can give it a decidedly light and beachy feel.

  1. Adopt a Plant

Bringing live plants, such as common ivy, spider plant, or peace lilies, can help your home feel clean and bright.

Summer should be a fun, relaxing time. For maximum effect, recreate this bright, airy atmosphere with the help of an interior decorator in Beverly Hills.

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