Inspecting Your Garage Door for Proper Functioning

Last Updated on April 19, 2022 by Kravelv

You should take good care and inspect your garage door from time to time for the sake of convenience and safety. A garage door tune-up once every year would help you ensure its safety, reliability, and quiet operation. Every step of the tune-up process would take about 10 mins and it’s worth conducting it to ensure the proper functioning of your garage door. 

Garage door tune-up the process 

It’s doubtful whether any part of your house experiences as much wears and tear as your garage door. When you maintain your garage door properly, it works in good order and provides the owner with security. On the other hand, your garage door if neglected will become noisy and pose serious threats to the well being of people and your locomotives.

If you want to know how to inspect and maintain your garage door yourself, to keep it in good condition, we have brought to you a list of the steps you must perform. Maintaining a garage door doesn’t require much stress and effort or skills. You can inspect it in just 10 minutes following the easy steps mentioned below. Let’s see the steps involved: 

Check your door’s hardware 

Because the door gets opened and closed constantly, the hardware might loosen. Tighten all nuts and bolts that support and hold the door. 

Spot out the defects on rollers if any, because they tend to chip or crack due to wear and tear. You can buy new ones from any hardware store and replace the old rollers by removing and refixing the roller bracket. 

Check if there are broken strands. Damages occur where they are most exposed to air and moisture. Using an old toothbrush, clean the gunk. Also, see if the cable is in good condition. However, don’t try to replace it yourself. If you notice that the cable needs to be replaced, call for a professional. 

Maintain seals, chains and springs

Frequently lubricate the screw or the chain with lithium grease. This will keep the opener and the chain works smoothly and quietly. 

Also, the overhead torsion springs need to be lubricated. Proper maintenance will prevent corrosion and extend the life of the springs though they will eventually deteriorate because of metal fatigue or corrosion. 

Additionally, if you notice the weather seal at the bottom of your garage door brittle and worn out, consider replacing it too. Buy new ones and attach galvanised roofing nails at one end of the seal. 

Keep your door safe 

Check if your opener has an auto-reverse feature. If not, consider buying a new one. 

Examine your door balance. If your garage door has the right balance, it won’t require your door opener to work too hard. If you are willing to check the door balance, here is what you have to do. 

  • Firstly, pull the opener release handle to detach it from the door. 
  • Secondly, lower the garage door a little. 
  • If your door is properly balanced, it will hold the door in this halfway tilted position without support. If it falls, you need to increase the tension of the springs. Don’t try to adjust the spring tensions. Always seek professional help in these cases. 
  • Fix lift handles on both ends od the door. 
  • If yours is an extension spring type door, place an extension spring containment cable and fix both its ends.
  • Surround the bolt with the cable and secure it using a locknut and fender washer. 

Safety Improvements

One of the best things manufacturers have produced looking into the safety of garage doors and openers is fixing photoelectric eyes on door openers. Another safety improvement is adding a containment cable to extension spring type doors. 


You need to keep a few warnings in mind. They are: 

  • Don’t remove a lift cable when the spring is in tension
  • Never try to adjust or do anything with the springs.
  • You need to be a highly experienced professional to do it safely. 

To carry out the above-mentioned steps yourself, you need some tools like tape measurer, screw gun, pliers, hammer and wrench set. Also, you should have the following materials old toothbrush, lift handles, in roofing nails, locknuts, and fender washers, rubbing alcohol, weather seal, lithium grease. You might also need replacement rollers, or you can ditch all these are hire professionals from Capital Garage doors Orleans.  

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