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How to Improve Your Loft’s Lighting to Make it More Spacious

Living in a huge house is a luxury that not many of us can afford. However, with the right interior strategies, you can make your loft look bigger than it actually is. Do you know what the simple trick is? Lighting! Lighting is often overlooked and underrated. But proper lighting can in fact improve not only the brightness in the room but its overall aesthetics as well.

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Upgraded lighting is one of the requirements that most tenants look for when they want to rent a property. It can also effortlessly increase your house’s market value if you want to put it up on sale. Additionally, guests will take pleasure in your home if the lighting exudes the right ambiance. Unfortunately, this does not come easy. No matter how expensive and upgraded your lighting fixtures are, it won’t make wonders in your home if you do not know how to maximize it.  

7 Light Hacks for a Bigger-Looking Loft

 To know crucial lighting hacks to make your loft more spacious, read on these 7 tips!

Use Several Lights that are Properly Spaced

If you have a big space, you can always go for that big chandelier as the focal point of your loft. Having one light source will only restrict the brightness within the surrounding area of the light fixture. It will leave the other areas of your space covered in darkness, which is a big no-no if you want to make your space look bigger.

If you have restricted space, the best way to install lights is to spread them around the area. Spreading lights all over the place will enlighten all areas and corners of your loft. It creates a different vibe and makes it feel more airy and vibrant.

Benefit from Wall Lights

You don’t have to place a standing lamp in the corner of your room. After all, why waste precious space with lighting when you can use your walls? Mounted light fixtures such as sconces save so much floor space for your other furniture. Wall lights can also be placed on corners to illuminate the area. It will make a room appear much bigger than its actual size.

Add Mirrors

It is common knowledge that mirrors are one of the best tricks to make space appear bigger. That is because mirrors have the ability to reflect light all around the room. To maximize the use of mirrors, you need to place them strategically. Experts advise placing mirrors across a window where natural light comes from outside. Doing so will give an illusion that your loft has more windows than what you really have. You can also attach them to solid surfaces such as wardrobes so that indoor lights can bounce from them.

Change Your Color Scheme

Colors play an important role in how light affects its surroundings. You need to consider everything – from the colors of your walls to the colors of your lampshades. The best colors that reflect light are light tones and hues. Having white walls and ceiling will reflect light better. Thus, giving an illusionary expansive space to your loft.

Another thing you need to remember when it comes to a color scheme is the color of your accent lights. Lampshades, for example, need to be in mesh or glass shades. The lighter the color of the shade is, the more light it gives to a room.

Choose Compact Furniture

When decorating your loft, you need to think about the overall look. Your lights should correspond to the theme of your aesthetics. But as far as furniture is concerned, the best picks are the ones that are compact in size. Not only does compact furniture save up space, but its sleekness will also let the light flow freely all around. Slender furniture is also a functional statement that can enhance your loft’s interior without being too overbearing. It exudes luxe elegance as opposed to bulky ones that take so much space.

Optimize Vertical Space

Lights are not meant for the ceiling alone. You can level up your free space by maximizing the vertical space of your loft. Scientifically speaking, height saves more space than width. For example, a person who weighs 50kg with a height of 5’6” looks slimmer than a person who weighs the same but only stands at 5’2”. This analogy also correlates with lights. When lights are formed following a vertical path such as pendant lamps or tall floor lamps, the human eyes follow it upwards. Thus, creating an illusion of a wider floor space.

In a similar manner, uplights and torchiere floor lamps also provide the same effect especially when the lights are directed upward. If you have wall lights or sconces, install them higher than normal. It will not only maximize the height advantage, but it will also allow the lights to cover and illuminate a wider area.

Add Lights Inside Shelves and Cabinets

Illuminate shelves, cabinets, and other fixtures that you have with strip lights. This strategy will not only give you the light that you need when you have to look for something, but it will also accentuate the space. Most often, shelves and cabinets go unnoticed. Hence, their existence is often ignored and undervalued. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can maximize their presence with proper lighting techniques to help make your home look bigger.

In line with this technique, you can also add back lights behind your mirrors, sofas, and even TV screens. Backlights provide depth and are visually appealing for most. Moreover, it creates a soft and elegant glow behind furniture and appliances. 


You can optimize your loft no matter how small or big space is. If you have a limited area, fret not! All you have to do is to be resourceful with what you have. With this lighting knowledge, I am sure that you will be able to showcase your loft to your guests in the best way possible. You can make the most out of small space living if you know how to be resourceful and creative with the area that you have. And if you decide to extend your house someday, you can still make use of these lighting fixtures, albeit, in a different way.

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