Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Home

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Are you tired of putting a lot of effort into your lighting but attaining mediocre results? You’re not alone! At some point, the easiest thing feels like giving up. But what if we offered you an easy way to hit the bull’s eye with your lighting? That you never have to stress about what lighting to pick when it comes to your home. Lighting is an essential ingredient in the home; thus, it comes as no surprise homeowners are racking their brains trying to find the proper lighting for their space. The answer is, however, pretty simple and, in this guide, we will show you how to pick the appropriate lighting for your home.

ceiling light

1. Let your goals define your choice

What do you want to achieve with the lighting? We all light our spaces with different goals in mind, sometimes for functionality, other times we just want to set a relaxing and comfortable mood in the room. For ambiance, soft lighting with a low glow, especially in a room like a bedroom where we do the most relaxing.  Downlights are an excellent option for the living room, and they can be designed and positioned to provide lighting in particular areas of the room. You can choose a pendant luminaire to suit your surroundings.

2. Use of the room

The best way to know which lighting is proper for your space is by matching light levels to the tasks of a room. The kitchen needs to be well-lit to ensure no accidents; you will also need bright lighting to see what you are doing. In the bathroom, consider accent lighting to highlight the focal points in the area. Scone installed at the center of the room will provide ample lighting for the entire space; however, you can include bright LED lights above the mirror for functionality.

3. Narrow down your style

When shopping, you will encounter lots of great design fixtures from farmhouse chic, modern to mid-century traditional, and it can get overwhelming. Define the style in each room and begin narrowing down the many choices to those fitting your design style. Aesthetics is not always about uniformity but instead incorporating what marries well. Different style lighting can contrast and complement your space, so do not stress about matching every lighting in the room. Trust your gut stylistically and go with what works.

4. Consider the size

How big or small should the lighting be?  It all comes doesn’t to how big or small of a statement you want to make in the room. Pendant lighting and chandeliers both make a statement in a room, but how do you know which one is best? Measure the room’s length and width to determine the suitable diameter of the lighting. The sum of the two measurements, converted to inches, should give you the recommended diameter of your lighting fixture. 

5. Perfect the combo

Sometimes one type of lighting in one room is simply not enough. The kitchen, for instance, is a room that isn’t easy to light. The sink, the cooking area, and the sitting space all require different righting schemes. For areas that are not used as often, dimmer lighting would be a better choice; however, bright lighting will be most efficient when it comes to the working spaces. Understand the use of the room and balance out the different lighting.

Lighting our homes is not an afterthought that many of us consider it to be. You may think all it takes is picking lighting fixtures and installing them in different rooms is all it takes. There are many pros to choosing proper lighting for your home, and with this guide, you find the proper lighting with ease. Create the perfect atmosphere with lighting and let your home shine.

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