Transform The Property With Artistic Design Stairs

Last Updated on March 28, 2022 by Kravelv

The homeowner has the liberty to design their house and make it look interestingly modern. This is done with a combination of architectural engineering and form of art. The people these days are playing an active role in designing their own property to the best of their ability. They are also trying to integrate their own choice matching with their personality as well as the character of the décor. The main components of the property are the staircase that is often overlooked. This has recently become the highly regarded feature.

However, this should be done with enough time and effort. The ultimate intention of the art should be that of admiration in the architectural world. The design of the staircase has grown rapidly. The designers, developers, and architects are all giving a special thought to the new staircase called as cantilever staircase. The concept of Cantilevered stair is related to the beam that is anchored at the one end and the protruding construction overhangs without any external support.

This design is created in buildings with an array of different steps. This staircase is a complete transformation that creates a vision of open space. It also demonstrates a floating experience that is pleasing to the eyes.

Why are cantilevered stairs popular?

Cantilevered stair usually has a huge impact in the overall design of the home. The entire look of the interiors depends upon the right staircase. Therefore, the design of the stairs makes it an extraordinary option to the homeowners. They are amazingly weightless and are floating stairs. They create an unsupported illusion adding extra beauty to the décor of the house. The best part is that it can be customized, as per the theme of the house. Hence, it has become so popular and it is the best choice for any homeowner. It has many advantages like:

  • The materials used for the manufacture of Cantilevered stair include stone, metal, glass, and timber. Since it is available in varied options, it can be made suitable to the aura of your home. They are available in different shapes and sizes. The colors are also enchanting and catchy to one’s eyes.
  • It comes with easier access to stairs and they are not conventional in nature. It consists of temporary treads, which is installed as desired by the homeowner.
  • These stairs also comply with the regulations of the building. This is useful to any individual but only one thing that they must follow is that the staircase should have handrails.
  • The total cost of Cantilevered stair is quite low, which includes the cost of the materials, installation, as well as maintenance. It is one of the most affordable staircases that is not only easy to install but also can be cleaned in a hassle-free manner.
  • The Cantilevered stair does not have any effect on the pre-installed heated elements. This is a great help for installing it, as it creates more space without compromising the quality of the floor heating underneath.

The materials that are used are of different types. The wooden steps are usually wood clad studs attached to the steel beam. It is quite thick and accommodated with the steel structure. The stairs are also made with steel. It is reinforced with a glass that gives a total floating effect to the structure. The glass treads are now becoming immensely popular because it allows sunlight filtering down at different levels. However, you can rest assured that the glass is made of toughened glass. The Cantilevered stair is also made of stone tops or even concrete steps that project from a concrete wall.