How to Fix a Stripped Hole

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

DIY projects at home can be some of the most efficient ways to make necessary repairs in one’s home, but sometimes problems can arise that seem quite difficult to fix. Stripping away old wallpaper, uncovering the hardwood hidden under the carpet from the 70s – there are a million examples of problems that can show up when you’re trying to make the repairs you need.

how to fix a stripped hole

One of the most common problems that homeowners encounter when engaging in DIY activities are stripped holes, which occur when a screw is forcibly removed from a piece of wall. The hole that’s left behind may be absent of any grip, making a pointless hole that can’t be used for anything practical and needs to be filled in. Luckily for all the homeowners out there who are dealing with this very problem, there are a few ways one can go about fixing it. Let’s dive into what you can do when you encounter a stripped hole.

Quick Fix With Toothpicks

The reason stripped holes are so frustrating to deal with is the simple fact there’s no purchase for the screw you’re trying to insert into the hole, which means no stability for the shelf, picture, or clock you were trying to hang with your hole. However, toothpicks can play a key role to solve this simple problem. By simply taking 2-3 toothpicks and gluing them into the hole with some strong wood glue, the hole will essentially be reverted back to its original wall state, which will, in turn, allow you as the homeowner to make use of the hole once again. Make sure you give the glue ample time to dry before making use of this strategy, however.

Other Kinds of Filler

There are other kinds of tools and gadgets you can use to repair a stripped hole, including plastic wall pugs, which reduce the size of the hole by being inserted into them, as well as various filler agents. You’ve probably heard of the toothpaste trick for eliminating unwanted pushpin holes and screw marks. Most fillers work in a similar manner but will dry into a harder substance that acts as the wall and can be utilized again for future projects.

Repair Kits

There are many different repair kits available on the market for DIY-lovers to make use of for a thousand different construction and repair jobs. One popular tool that can be utilized to repair stripped holes is thread repair insert kits. These kits allow homeowners to repair damaged threads, acquire purchase for future screwing and drilling efforts, and fine-tune their capabilities until they have the exact right equipment for the job. There are many different types of kits to choose from, whether you need a coarse or fine thread repair option.