Easy DIY Projects to Fill In the Void during COVID 19

Last Updated on November 30, 2022 by Kravelv

For months now, we have lived in uncertain and strange times. Social distancing and working from home and reduced interaction.

Some have resorted to perfecting the souffle, endless Netflix, Youtube cat videos, or just pottering about the house. For the handier ones in the bunch, many have opted to embrace simple (or more complicated) home DIY projects.

Why a DIY project?

Doing a DIY project is fun, and completing it boosts your confidence. It also has physical and healthy benefits. So let’s explore simple and easy DIY projects to fill your void during COVID-19 lockdown.

Rearrange things

Making huge overhaul changes to different rooms may not be possible, but you can rearrange things to give a fresh perspective.

Try a new furniture layout by moving the couch to a different space, adjusting the armchair’s direction, or mixing up rugs. You can swap your dining rug with the living room one and vice versa. Switching your side table lamp to a different spot in a room could brighten up space.

Since everyone is eating at home, use the “special” dinnerware like the fancy wine glasses, family silver, and chinaware during mealtime, and add drama to the table. You can also share the fun through a virtual dinner party.

For the avid readers, styling up your bookshelves by arranging them according to the theme or alphabetic order gives them a fresh look. Embrace decluttering, using neutral colors, and focusing on the standout books.

Embrace thorough cleaning

Beyond daily disinfecting of high-touch surfaces, it’s time to thoroughly clean those places you have been avoiding.

  • Clean your baseboards and vents

HVAC units accumulate lots of dust over time, and thorough cleaning helps reduce allergens while increasing their efficiency.

Use a dry microfiber cloth or a soft dusting brush attachment for wiping or the vents. Avoid cleaning the HVAC unit using cleaning products or water to prevent dust smear.

Unscrew the HVAC covers and perform a deep cleaning on the air ducts using the heavy-duty vacuum cleaner and remove mildew using a brush. Clean the blower compartment utilizing a vacuum cleaner to unclog it and remove build-up, debris, and dirt. Since the build-up and dust clogging can damage the furnace filters, consider calling professional heating and air conditioning New Jersey for expert replacement.

  • Clean hidden areas

Cleaning and vacuuming the kitchen and toilets happen daily, however, we rarely touch the hidden corners, under the bed, fridge, or couches.

Don’t forget to empty storage boxes to vacuum out the dust and discover missing items.

Make your bathroom sparkle by emptying the bathroom drawers and throwing away expired personal care items, cleaning spilled toothpaste, makeup, and hairbrushes and rearrange what’s left according to your preference and usage.

Thorough clean the grout, walls, glass door, and shower screen.

Add items like candles, fresh towels, handmade soap, fresh flowers or plants, and boutique bath products for a luxurious touch.

Pay attention to your Windows and doors

Doors and windows increase our home’s curb appeal and paying attention to them helps in protecting your investment while defending your family against harsh weather.

Clean windows and doors using vinegar, water, and soap. Use a sponge to clean neglected tracks and panels and avoid using abrasives and scouring pads to prevent damaging the surface finish.

Lubricate and tighten the moving parts, such as hinges, for smooth operation.

Repaint your window and door frames for instant curb appeal and elevate the exteriors.

Tint your windows to protect your flooring, furniture, and curtains from the consequences of direct ultraviolet light. Along with protection and safety benefits, window film also has health advantages like glare reduction and skin cancer protection.

Declutter your home

Where to begin? Decluttering your home can become a complex project, concentrate on the most used rooms like the kitchen, bedrooms, and sitting room, and then do the less used areas such as the garage later. This helps you to maintain momentum.

Tidy your entryway by cleaning out the coat stand and mudroom to remove shoes, coats, unused items, and any knick-knacks. Re-evaluate the hooks and adjust them accordingly, add more or remove extras. Shake out and vacuum the doormats.

Tackle the closets by removing everything, sorting out the needed items, and purging out the no longer used ones. Clean the interior and rearrange the things by putting in-front the most-used items and on higher drawers the rarely used or seasonal pieces.

Label your kitchen pantry containers and storage boxes to create an organized household. Instead of label makers, personalize your stickers by writing on regular paper and taping it on the storage bins/containers.

Check-out your Walls

Few updates on your walls can make a big difference to your home.

Redo your wall hangings from artwork to TVs to photos by straightening them up or changing their position. Alternatively, for your photos or artwork, make a new gallery and remove any you no longer like.

Install a mixed media wall gallery by incorporating artwork with different styles. Hanging mixed media adds dimension and interest, but it can often be difficult to add interest to your walls if you live in a rented property. Rentals often have rules against using wall nails, so use an alternative like Sugru by Tesa, which is similar to blu-tack but much stronger.

Clean the walls and touch up the paint, especially the baseboards and door frames.

Upgrade the wall lightning switch plates from Toggle (standard switch) to Decora (rectangle, flat switch) and replace the conventional bulbs with LED night switch plates that illuminate from the bottom.

Spice up your Yard

Functional outdoor space and well-maintained garden/yard mean getting much needed fresh air and being close to nature, which is great for elevating your mood.

Start by sweeping off the dirt and getting rid of any leaves and debris.

Create your dream fire pit, repaint the bench, and relay the wobbly bricks. Rearrange the patio seating arrangement and create enough space for various outdoor exercises like yoga.

Get your garden in shape by getting rid of pesky weeds on the lawns and flower beds. Establish and plant delicious edibles like vegetables and vibrant annuals according to your region and season. Discard any broken or unwanted planters and rearrange them for an inviting look.

In conclusion, stay safe, and be well during this COVID-19 pandemic by embracing simple DIY projects that will brighten your days, help pass time, and add beauty and charm to your home.

Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook