Extend Your Comfort Outdoors With Effective Heating Solutions

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Outdoor heating is becoming more common as a method to make the most of outdoor locations. It helps optimize your outdoor living spaces throughout the year, increasing the usable area without physically expanding your property.

Choose the most appropriate and effective bromic outdoor heater for your property, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or consult professionals if you’re uncertain.

outdoor gas heater

There are various solutions available, so be sure you understand your space’s requirements and constraints.

Portable Gas Heating

A portable outdoor heater is a fantastic option if you have limited space or are renting and can’t install fixed heaters. Bromic outdoor gas heaters produce radiant heat that mimics that of the sun. It warms items rather than the surrounding air, which is a considerably more efficient heating method. On a full 20 pounds or 33 pounds gas cylinder, portable gas heaters may run for 10 to 17 hours.

With gas warmers, safety is paramount. You’ll require a little space above, so make sure your patio roofing is tall enough to support this. Portable gas heaters are safer than traditional heaters because they incorporate a tilt switch that turns off the gas supply if the device is inadvertently toppled over and a kill switch for high winds.

Electric Radiant Outdoor Heaters

Electric heaters use radiant heating elements to provide sun-like warmth in areas up to 108 sq ft per radiator, based on the product and surface size. Exterior electric heaters can also be utilized in covered outdoor places, such as a sheltered patio or gazebo, as an energy-efficient solution for offering optimal levels of thermal comfort.

Several mounting solutions are available to allow installation in outdoor settings of different shapes and sizes. These include options for mounting the heater to the wall or suspending it from the ceiling, as well as options for recessing the heater, so it merges in smoothly with the surroundings.

Gas Radiant Outdoor Heaters

Gas heaters may produce a pleasant and cozy space of up to 215 sq ft per radiator, based on type and surface size, with similar radiant heat efficiency as portable and electric heaters.

There are mounting options offered for the outdoor heater that allows it to be fastened to the wall or the ceiling, with a deflector screen to allow for narrower gaps and to help redirect the radiant heat down, just like the electric heaters. Contrary to electric heaters, gas heaters are set at 45° for safety reasons; therefore, they cannot be lowered into the roof.

Gas heating has several advantages, like a strong wind tolerance and a greater heating range, making it an excellent choice for a larger area. You can install it on your patio and turn it into a retreat to spend time with your friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Additional accessories for comfort and simplicity of use, such as remote controls or suspension poles, are available on some heaters; ensure to inquire about these while discussing your alternatives. Although these radiators are supposed to be easy to install, it’s also worth noting that it’s always best to have them installed by a skilled electrician or gas fitter.

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