Fixing Landscape Lighting Fixtures With The Help of Professionals

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Installing the landscape lighting fixtures in your garden, courtyard, and patio is always a valuable addition as they make your space more alluring and entertaining. However, when these lighting fixtures stop functioning properly, they can spoil the aesthetic and safety of your home. So, it is important to keep your landscape lighting fixtures in good condition.

Regular care is the best way to keep your landscape lighting fixtures in good condition. However, there are several situations that you can’t control, such as power supply failure, short circuit, and high-voltage issues. But you must know how to deal with these situations and how to fix the problem with your landscape lighting fixtures.

Let’s talk about the most common problems you may face with your landscape lighting fixtures and how to fix them.

When Your Landscape Lights Are Not Turning On

It is a very common problem with most lighting fixtures, and there could be different reasons behind it. If your landscape lights aren’t turning on, do not panic. Calm down and check if the electricity is running through the wires or not. It might be possible that the power supply is off. So, before proceeding further, make sure that the power supply is turned on.

If there is no power supply issue, and your landscape lights are still not turning on, there could be some other reasons like a short. A short somewhere in your system automatically turns off the power supply. It turns down the toggle switch or fuse stat in the circuit breaker installed in your home. Check your circuit breaker to ensure if the toggle switch is in the correct position. If it is positioned downward, push it upwards. Probably, your landscape light will get the power supply, and it will start illuminating again.

If the problem persists, there could be a breakage in connecting wire or plug, breaking the connection. Check the wires to find that part where the connection is breaking. If you find that part, connect the wires and tape it. And if you fail to detect the issue, just calm down and call kichler low voltage led landscape lighting expert. Professionals know everything and can detect the fault easily.

When Some Lights Are Not Working

It is a common problem you can experience with your landscape lighting fixtures. It is quite challenging to find out the reason behind it. Sometimes, even lighting technicians face challenges in detecting the reason behind this type of problem. If you are facing this problem with your landscape lighting fixtures, there could be some reasons behind it. These include:

The light bulbs are fused- It might be possible that the light bulbs which are not working in your landscape lighting fixture are fused. If it is so, you will have to replace the fixture with a new one because fused bulbs cannot be repaired.

The circuit is breaking- A broken circuit could be another reason for the improper functioning of the landscape lighting fixture. It might be possible that the electricity is not running through the entire circuit. The reason could be frayed, broken, and improperly connected wires. To fix this problem, you should give a call to the lighting technician.

Flattened bulb sockets- When bulb sockets get flattened, the bulb and bulb socket connection gets broken. Thus, bulbs do not get a proper power supply, so they stop functioning. You can’t do much with this, so you have to call a technician to fix this problem.

When Lights are Not Illuminating Properly

When your landscape lights stop illuminating properly, the problem might be in the timer or light control device. Try to reset the light control device of your landscape lighting fixtures; it might help. If it does not work, you might have to invest in a new light control device. But before proceeding to any further action, consult with a lighting technician or a landscape lighting company. They may find a suitable solution to fix your light control device problem.

Another reason for improper lighting could be the old lighting fixtures and low-quality wires. You just need to replace them with new ones.

Broken Bulbs

If your landscape lighting fixture has broken bulbs, they will disturb the aesthetic value of your entire lighting system. You can’t do much with them except replacing them.

The bulbs usually break when:

  • Passed under a heavy object
  • Rubbed to a hard surface
  • Turned on for a longer time

So, you have to make sure that your lighting fixtures do not pass through these situations; otherwise, the number of broken bulbs in your landscape lighting fixture will increase. And it won’t be good for maintaining the aesthetic value of space when you installed the landscape lights. You must invest in high-quality modern lighting fixtures that stay in good condition for long. You will not face many issues with those lighting fixtures, and you can also reduce the repair and maintenance costs.

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