What Are The 6 Plumbing Tips To Avoid Blocked Drains In Summer?

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Kravelv

Summer season is soon to arrive. As we prepare ourselves for the sunny and humid climate, we also need to prepare to present clogged drains. When plumbing issues are not checked regularly, they might lead to handful of minor to complex issues. During summer, the plumbing lines can be damaged because of humidity and you are prone to use much amount of water in this season. So it is natural that you may face some troubles in your drainage system like clogged drain and leakage of drainage system. In this regards, you can call the plumber in the weekend and clean your drainage system completely.

Tips to avoid blocked drains

There are a lot of tips to apply and things to remember to keep your drains from getting clogged. In this piece of article, we shall go through at the most important tips that will help us prevent blocked drain. Firstly, you need to maintain your drainage system on a regular basis and try to check the drains once in a week. It is suggested to avoid using plastic and non-disposable goods in your bathrooms because these items can be deposited in your drainage system and they can block your drains easily. Apart from that, you do not need to apply some acid in your drains because acid and harmful chemicals can have some adverse effects on your health.

  1. Make use of your trash can always!

Not just the kids but even adults have the habit of throwing small food particles or cotton or other things into the sinks. For short term, the problem may not arise. But after a certain point of time, the issue turns out to be worse creating a mess in the drains.

      2 . Do not use harsh chemical substances to clean pipes

All of us usually get any cleaning substance we find at the store without actually checking what it is. Well, toxic and harsh chemicals will damage the pipes at home and can lead to a major consequence. Hence, it is important to check out the product and you can use some eco-friendly chemicals or organic washing solutions to clean the drains.

      3. Checking the gas lines

While we are busy in other months of the year, we neglect checking our gas lines. However, when summer arrives we need keep an eye on the gas systems. Checking for gas leaks time to time with sniff test and detergent is a good way; it can prevent problems arising at a later stage.

      4. Strainers:

There are different strainers available for different needs for sinks and drains. Get the strainers especially for kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs and for showers. With this, you can regularly clean them and also prevent unwanted particles from getting into the pipes and blocking the drains.

      5. Check sewer lines

If you have a big lawn then it is probable that roots of trees spreading inside and breaking the pipes. In addition, storms and heavy rains can also damage the sewer lines. In order to avoid the minor cracks turning into big issues, checking them during summers and repairing can save an expense.

      6. Use plungers

If accidently you drop something into the sinks then immediately use your plunger and try to solve it. Leaving it as it is can result in a major issue. Try to plug out the deposited garbage from the drains and maintain the cleanliness of your drainage system.

However, despite focusing on all the measures you still experience blocked drain then do not worry and call your professional plumber. He can check every detail and find right and prompt solutions for you. Have a clean drain not just in summers but always!

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