How to Decorate the Interior in a Modern and Minimalistic Way

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First of all, we have to define what modern minimalist furniture style is. Minimalism is an artistic trend it refers to the aspect of interior design, which is none other than decorating with the least possible and basic elements in order to gain functionality, sobriety, and space.

The ornamentation (furniture, paintings) is in the visual background and the architectural elements are the protagonists of the minimalist decoration.

This trend is based precisely on that concept. In the fact of taking advantage of the entire space of the room. For this, it cannot be saturated with an excess of elements such as tables, furniture or chairs. Only what is considered strictly necessary and basic has a place.

This movement has its origin in the United States in the 60s. However, its great boom would come later, in the 70s when it begins to merge with what is known as pop art and reaches other parts of the world by the hand of the main artists of the time.

In the following article, we will discuss how to decorate your home with modern minimalistic furnitures so that your home can look classy and elegant.

How to Decorate in a Minimalist Style

Within this style, we can say that there are some fundamental pillars on which everything will be based. Let’s look into these.

  • On the one hand, we have the fact that minimizing everything that has to do with artistic elements. It is dematerialization!
  • The decorative elements that are placed on a piece of furniture must be reduced to the minimum expression since they recharge in excess altogether and that feeling of amplitude so necessary in this case is not achieved.
  • The environment that is built must be useful with simplicity, precision in the finishes, details and with essential and rectilinear geometry. You can say that the room you want to decorate should be to live it and not to install the furniture.

Key Objective-Less is More

But at the same time, it is not only about “interior design or pure decoration”, but it is also a philosophy of understanding life as a whole.

From the TED conferences, with Graham Hill, it shows us that living with fewer objects could still have some benefits. For example, it increases happiness.

What is modern decoration?

Modern decoration emerges in the mid-twentieth century and gathers the basis of the characteristics of minimalism both Japanese decoration and Nordic style, are harmonic, simplistic and functional decoration.

The interior decoration in a modern house inclines towards simplicity – smooth surfaces predominate and the straight lines are all around the place. These, combined with gentle curves, give rise to a harmonious style, getting an effect of order and space to the home.

Key Aspects of Modern Decoration

·        Use a Minimal Aesthetic

It involves the predominance of straight, refined and well-defined lines. The smooth and clear surfaces manage to give an orderly and clean appearance to the rooms.

·        Light Colors Predominate

Gray or beige and especially pure white, which should never be lacking in this style. The white present in the walls and furniture enhance natural light, providing a great effect of luminosity and spaciousness to the rooms.

·        The Contrast

It is achieved from the combination of light tones with medium and dark tones. This manages to give a depth effect to the rooms, by highlighting some elements over the rest.

·        Vivid and Natural Colors

Vivid colors should not be missing in a modern house. These must be present in cushions, tables or plants. The objective is to give color, vitality, and warmth to the home, highlighting the rest of the sober elements.

·        Furniture

The furniture in a modern house tends to be simple, using straight lines and basic shapes. Furniture materials such as artificial wood, chipboard or plywood usually predominate.

·        The Accessories

The use of metals such as steel or brass, conveniently used in lamps and decorative elements gives a bright appearance, with flashes of light that bring more brightness to the rooms.

·        Indoors

Carpets, cushions or tablecloths are decorated by often using natural materials such as wool, cotton or linen, give warmth to the home.

·        The Decorative Elements

Its use is limited and reserved. This style is scared of accumulation and disorder. It is the antagonist of the baroque style of past times, where the use of unnecessary photos, figurines, and accessories predominated, recharging the rooms.

·        An Economical Choice

Unless you choose design pieces, the minimalist style is characterized by being economical. And, being based on the maxim of “less is more “, you will have to buy only the essentials. Believe it or not, we become slaves of objects. What allows us this tendency is to free ourselves from these and preserve the essential without leaving aside the aesthetic aspect.

·        Clean and Tidy Spaces

Having few things at home not only means significant savings of money and square meters but also makes cleaning tasks easier and faster. Which in turn implies better space management and that your home looks wider, regardless of its actual size. And, of course, you will have fewer things to clean. In addition, you will have it much easier so that the space is always tidy.

The Modern Interior Design

The modern interior design aims to keep the spaces organized and well defined, seeking the best use of them and reducing considerably, order times and cleanliness.

The modern style is often mixed with some vintage decoration elements with the old style since it gives practical use to old but still functional things. Use some old elements such as tables, bedside tables, dressers, or some ornaments that stand out from the rest of the elements and blend the modern with the nostalgia of the past. The decoration of modern houses is a functional decoration, which goes in search of space, luminosity, and warmth, and whose banner is simplification and austerity. It is ideal for small spaces and dull rooms, as it is capable of transforming these spaces into spacious places, full of light and life.


What do you like most about modern decoration? What aspects would you highlight? Find out what you like and decorate your house accordingly. People usually follow the trend and forget what they actually like. That is the reason why some people just do renovation every year and spend humongous among of money on redecorating the entire house. It is best to decorate your home in a simple manner with minimalistic things and modern designs so that you don’t get bored with it. Hopefully, with the help of the above tips and guidelines, you can decorate your home according to your taste, preference and budget.