The Evolution of Commercial Interior Design

Last Updated on December 18, 2023 by Kravelv

While many of us picture commercial interior design as a stuffy, stale office space with cubicles in line and no windows in sight, that is simply not the case. What started as a type of style that was pared down and created strictly for functionality is now becoming one of the most lucrative industries for design, with commercial buildings and office spaces far beyond anyone ever imagined. These million dollar commercial interior design renovations can be seen in the offices of businesses like Google, Prada, Fender, and many, many more. And while these are billion dollar companies, your business does not need to be at the same level to elevate your office’s commercial interior design to another plane.

Look to the offices of Google, Prada, or Fender for commercial interior design ideas and inspiration, and you will find what makes these spaces so unique and intriguing. So what can you do to take commercial interior design ideas from these giants and apply it to your own business place? Here are some excellent commercial interior design tips from the pros.

A conveniently modern touch that our Décor Aid interior designers have seen adopted across many commercial interior design spaces is the addition of glass walls. Whether used to enclose a conference room, give a glimpse of the inner working of the team to outsiders, or to separate office spaces, glass is effortlessly chic and high end, even when included in a commercial interior design space. Beyond this, there are a number of reasons why you should replace a few walls with floor to ceiling glass.

Suffice it to say, when others can see what everyone else is doing around them and know they can be seen too, it gives them a bit more incentive to be productive. On top of this, the ability to more closely interact with others working within the space better facilitates conversation and boosts morale. While in previous years most offices has the standard separated cubicle layout, many offices are opting for a new form of commercial interior design with open concept floor plans, or glass separation between work stations, where employees can work right alongside each other with minimal separation. This creates an air of inclusivity between all, and does it with elegance. Combine this with other additions such as modern furniture, bright lighting and new technology such as digital signage then you are well on the way to transforming your office. 

Relaxation spaces are also popping up in commercial interior design spaces all over. Whether that be a ping pong area, a microbrewery with drinks on tap, or a fully fleshed out space that invokes the feeling of a true restaurant, employers are noticing the importance of employee morale in the workplace. When they are kept in mostly solitary work spaces, it slows productivity. And as you can very well be a product of your environment, if your environment is stagnant, your work ethic will be as well. These additions to commercial interior design office spaces worldwide have proven to be useful, fun, and boost the bottom line. As well as these additions, simply keeping the office environment clean can make a big difference to employee morale and productivity. Therefore, businesses should continue to have people like these professional hard floor cleaning services in Houston, TX come in regularly to give the space a good clean so that employees feel good about their workplace and are not at an increased risk of getting sick, which will only slow things down.

Sustainability has become more important to people all over the world, and that has also made its way into the workplace as well. Sustainability comes in many forms, ranging from reusable or biodegradable materials available in eating spaces, motion-detecting lighting, and eco-friendly furnishings.

Instead of spending millions on brand new pieces that are custom made, companies are looking to more sustainable options from reclaimed pieces. From tables made of reclaimed wood, to chairs and desks made from recyclable plastics and other materials, sustainability has been threaded throughout office culture everywhere. And while you may think this does not have as big of a presence in commercial interior design ideas, just take a look at what bigger companies are doing to lead the way for smaller businesses to follow. Sustainable interior design is evolving worldwide, and commercial interior design has been at the forefront of this due to the large amount of people occupying their workspaces. So consider sustainability one of the best up and coming commercial interior design tips you can implement into your office design right now.

Many designers specialize specifically in commercial interior design service. For this reason, you might want to hire a commercial designer to work on your space. Whether it be an office, restaurant, hotel, or retail location, all of these spaces, public or private, require some sort of specifications that residential interior designer may not be as versed in. Someone that specializes in commercial interior design service will be able to merge the functionality and purpose of the space with aesthetics and brand identity, in order to come together and create the best commercial interior decoration for your business. Whether you’re looking for something more sculptural and artistic, or angular and ornate, your business no longer has to fit within the same old cookie cutter mold, and is no longer limited to the bland.

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