Give your kitchen a classic touch with Mid-Century Modern Decor!

Last Updated on April 23, 2022 by Kravelv

The kitchen is the “Heart of your home“. So, why not make the best of it? Are you considering refurbishing or remodeling your home but clueless about it?

Are you also struggling with, “What should I look for before deciding to remodel your kitchen”? The answer to your problem is — Mid Century Modern designs! 

Yes, and you’ll be surprised to know why!

You might be familiar with the fact that the mid-century modern style trend is gaining insane popularity amongst interior decorators worldwide. From minimalistic ideas to out-of-the-box interior designs, nothing can be as classy and elegant as the mid-century modern style.

But hang on!

What exactly is Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Decor?

“Old is Gold!” Interior décor ideas from the 30s and 60s are justifying this saying. That’s why many homeowners go for a classic and retro look to add elegance and grace to their home decor ideas. Moreover, Mid Century Modern style is associated with fine clean lines with useful functionality and a blend of traditional and non-traditional elements.

Whether you’re remodeling or want to incorporate a few new elements in your kitchen, we’ve broken down a few mid-century modern kitchen ideas for you to explore.

Let’s start!


We all know that the kitchen is all about cabinets and drawers. You can easily achieve a mid-century modern kitchen with contemporary white cabinets with clean lines and warm-toned knobs and pulls. In fact, clean lines are one of the critical design elements of this style.

Therefore, cabinets without raised or recessed panels look best in the kitchen. You can also go for a straight and sleek look minus the decorative elements to add a charming effect to the kitchen’s décor.

Fun Fact: NKBA or National Kitchen and Bath Association, cites that kitchen cabinetry is considered as 30% of your overall kitchen remodeling budget. Woah!

But wait! Did you consider the color scheme for your cabinets?

Mid-Century modern interior designs also allow the homeowner to feature wood cabinetry with flat panels by combining different classic colors in the décor. For instance, you can opt for white cabinets above and wood-toned cabinets below. And you are all set to get some warm-classic vibes from the wood and the modern edge from the white cabinets. Isn’t that a clean and elegant look?


Flooring is also considered a crucial aspect of interior décor. Classic light wood floors can be a perfect fit for the mid-century aesthetic appeal. Otherwise, you can also choose tiled or laminated floors to compliment your color scheme. Either way, it is best to go for a neutral or warm shade.


Every kitchen needs a countertop. And, so does yours! But how can you choose from different styles and designs? Let us make that easy for you!

White countertops are ideal for a mid-century and modern vibe. It gives a sleek and aesthetic look to your kitchen. You can always opt for Quartz that imparts the sleekness you want in your countertop.

Obviously, you can’t go for a countertop with many visible specks or patterns if you want a subtle vibe for your kitchen. In fact, the professionals at A&S Home Interiors recommend that one should go browsing before shopping, keeping in mind the material, latest pattern, and the mood of your kitchen and home. The idea is to go for something gentle, elegant, and of course, classy.


If you want to try something new and add an out-of the box element to your design, a creative backsplash tile pattern is what you need.

This pattern is best if you want to elevate your mid-century modern kitchen design. Of course, you need to go for something simple, and a tint of modernism can add flavor to your kitchen’s décor.

For example, try adding a bright accent color such as red or turquoise in a unique pattern. But remember, you must use it with a funky white tile.


Lighting is the essence of any room. Many homeowners prefer their house to be designed in the mid-century modern style with huge windows and an open floor plan. This design itself brings a chunk of natural light to many parts of the house at once. So, if you have a budget and space for a complete kitchen remodel, go for an enlarged window plan.

But, if you want to add something to your present lighting, refresh it with sleek and modern lamps. Then again, you need to look for white metal shades and neutral-colored hanging cords to achieve the retro plus modern look you desire for your kitchen.

The bottom line is,

The amalgamation of the retro and contemporary style can help you find a perfect flow for your kitchen. You can also consider elevating the look by adding a set of vintage crockeries such as canisters or salt shakers. Let this mid-century modern style create an elegant ambiance in your kitchen.

 In the end, it’s all up to you because it is you who has to live in the house. Your choices and creativity will determine the mood of your home. So, better make it an impressive one!

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