How to Create a Child-Friendly Bathroom

Last Updated on January 16, 2023 by Kravelv

Every parent wants to raise self-sufficient, independent children with excellent personal hygiene. However, your bathroom could impair their safety or force them to remain reliant on adults when washing, showering, brushing their teeth, or using the toilet.

A few adjustments to your fixtures, flooring and decorative accents could create a safe, helpful environment for your growing kids. Learn how to create a child-friendly bathroom.

kid having fun in bathtub
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Add a Step Stool to Encourage Independence

If you are raising one or more small children, you should introduce a step stool into your bathroom. It will help your fast-growing child use the toilet and reach a sink independently each day. Also, it will stop them from over-stretching when reaching for a tap or towel, which will help prevent an accident.

Store Away Toiletries and Household Cleaners

Young children are naturally inquisitive and might not think twice about picking up a bottle of bleach, a razor blade, or a pair of scissors. Also, they might be more than happy to taste the shampoo, facial cream, or soap. In a perfect world, every home would have wall-mounted soap dispensers to encourage handwashing without fear of kids sampling its unpleasant taste. Unfortunately, you cannot always trust that your children will not touch items they shouldn’t, which is why you must store toiletries in lockable bathroom cabinets. Also, you must house any household cleaners in a kitchen cupboard that is out of your child’s reach.

Avoid Accidents with Non-Slip Flooring

The last thing you will want is for any family member to slip in your bathroom, especially your children. Prevent a minor or serious accident by installing non-slip flooring in your bathroom, such as non-slip tiles, vinyl, or natural stone. Of course, you must still monitor your children when using water in a bathroom as accidents can still occur.

Prevent Burns with an Anti-Scold Device

Scolding is a common concern when children are washing their hands, showering, or bathing. If you are worried your hot water might cause a painful burn, install an anti-scald device on your bathroom faucets and showerheads, as it will limit the hot water flow.

Install an Easy Flush Button

Many modern toilets don’t provide an easy-to-use flush button, which makes it harder for your child to become more independent. If you are replacing your toilet in the near future, choose a design with a simple and soft flush button to help your son or daughter use the facilities. It will also prevent older kids from calling your name each time they finish using the bathroom.

Choose Child-Proof Countertops

Children will not bat an eyelid about bringing a snack or glass of juice into the bathroom. Yet, some bathroom countertops are more prone to scratches and stains that will ruin the room’s visual appeal, such as granite and marble. If you are remodeling your bathroom soon, you’d be wise to install a quartz countertop, as it’s more resistant to stains and scratches which will help it stand the test of time.

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