How to Create the Ultimate Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary bathroom

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Kravelv

Contemporary bathroom design has seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years, with homeowners wanting to create stylish, sleek, and sanctuary-like bathrooms. Whether you have a small space to work with or a large family bathroom, the below guide will show you how to create the ultimate contemporary bathroom.

With options to suit all budgets, are you ready to transform your bathroom?

What are the main characteristics of a contemporary bathroom?

Although there is a lot of scope for you to put your own stamp on your contemporary bathroom, there are several characteristics that the space should have. As a general rule, contemporary bathrooms should feature clean lines, geometric shapes, flowing curves, and, most importantly, embrace the latest contemporary bathroom trends.

What is the difference between a modern and a contemporary bathroom?

People often confuse modern and contemporary bathrooms, or they wrongly believe that these two styles are one and the same. However, there are several key differences between a modern bathroom and a contemporary one.

Most notably, a modern bathroom has more set boundaries, whereas a contemporary one is more open to interpretation. Furthermore, modern bathrooms tend to be simpler and are designed to portray a quiet and traditional elegance. Contemporary bathrooms, on the other hand, should stand out more and excite the eye.

How to design a contemporary bathroom

Measure the space

The first thing you need to do is measure the space so that you know exactly what you are working with. This will help you to choose the right furniture for your bathroom and ensure that you don’t make the room feel too cluttered or crowded.

Don’t worry if you only have a small square footage, as there are plenty of small bathroom design ideas for you to choose from.

Choose your preferred style

When it comes to contemporary bathrooms, there are many different styles to choose from. For example, the tadelakt bathroom design is bang on trend at the moment, offering minimalistic luxury without breaking the bank. If you are not sure what style of bathroom you want, it can be a good idea to head over to experts who can tell you all about why you should consider a style such as tadelakt.  

Bath vs. shower

The ultimate question for any bathroom is: do you opt for a shower or a bathtub? The answer will largely be dependent on space, with baths generally more suited to larger bathrooms and showers for more compact ones. However, it will also depend on your personal preferences. You may not like baths and therefore have no desire to have a tub.

If you want to go with a truly luxurious bathing experience, then a roll-top bath is a must. Although these are more commonly associated with traditional-style bathrooms, you can find more modern designs.

Install seamless flooring

Floor tiles are a popular choice for contemporary bathrooms, and the bigger, the better. Large tiles in dramatic colors that boast high-gloss finishes are always a winner. Alternatively, you could opt for polished tiles if you want to create the illusion of more space. To make your contemporary bathroom look even more refined and put together, choose floor and wall tiles that can be used on both surfaces.

Think about storage

Storage is important in all bathrooms but especially in contemporary ones where you want the space to look clean and clutter-free. Look for storage solutions that boast clean lines, sleek shapes, and unfussy designs, and don’t be afraid to utilize vertical space if you have a small bathroom.

Consider colors

As contemporary bathrooms should look clean and fuss-free, you need to make sure you choose shades that support this. While this doesn’t mean that you need to stick to a completely neutral color palette, it does mean that you need to avoid any clashing colors or complicated patterns.

As a general rule, white tiles with dark wood accents always work well, as does adding a feature wall in a darker shade while keeping the rest of the space light.

Don’t forget the finishing touches

In a contemporary bathroom, the finishing touches are crucial, so make sure that you pay close attention to these. Heated towel rails are popular for contemporary bathrooms, providing aesthetic appeal and function.

Your choice of lighting can also have a big impact on how your bathroom looks and feels, with illuminated bathroom mirrors and vanity units proving to be very popular.


Creating a contemporary bathroom shouldn’t take too much time or effort as long as you follow the above guidelines. Make sure you stick to clean lines and that you create every aspect with minimalism in mind.

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