Bathtub Trends So Hot They BURN

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Bath tubs are often neglected and rarely used, and that’s just not fair. When a bath is done right it’s like sneaking off to a private Hawaiian rendezvous (you Moms know what I’m talkin’ about). Anyone with work or children — or both — knows how vital such mini escapes are with the stress of daily life. Regardless of your titles and obligations, we could all use a mini vacation. Especially one that’s conveniently located in our own home. So why not explore taking bath time to the next level? Bust out the candles, essential oils, and Epsom salt, and get ready for the ultimate bathroom experience!

Freestanding Baths

Tubs are limited to the corner no more! Even those popular window-side baths are being replaced by tubs that stand on their own. This is the perfect choice in showcasing a unique and prized tub as it can be placed anywhere to become the focal point of the room. Freestanding tubs also free up wall space to make room for some pleasing and convenient storage options or even a piece of decor-boosting furniture.

Soaking Tubs

Move over jet sprayers; the deep soaker is dropping in. As fun as bubbles and rolling water may be, jet tubs have lost their popularity thanks to soaking tubs. The alternative offers all the heat and comfort of a good bath minus the noise, splashing water, and extra utility costs — a lovely option for those that enjoy a quiet and relaxing bathing experience. And if you really want to indulge in relaxation, you could even upgrade the soaker to an infinity bath design that keeps water warm and circulating for the feel and sound of a gentle waterfall.  


What’s better than a bath paired with the scenic view of a gorgeous window? How about a bath that transforms that turns into your own personal sundecks! Baths featuring these fold out lounge mats allow for you to turn that bath into a sunning station to take advantage of the sun’s warm rays.

Walk-In Tubs

Credit goes to age-friendly designing, but walk-in hydrotherapy tubs accommodate people of all ages and abilities. The hydrotherapy relieves tension and relaxes tight muscles, and it helps boost blood circulation which is highly advantageous with conditions like diabetes. And while the walk-in feature appeals to those challenged by mobility, the ease and safety also apply to small children and people dealing with pain or recovering from injuries.


Trends will come and fads will go, but storage will never fall out of style. Bottles, soaps, towels, and all those other bathroom items need a place to live, and the more aesthetic the better. Built-in recessed shelving is an excellent way to store bathing essentials without taking up precious room or creating an elbow-catching eyesore.

bathtub trends Photo by Highmark Builders

Existing bathrooms without ready-made storage or an upcoming remodel can make do with vertical cabinets that fit on the bathroom countertop. You can sneak in even more storage with narrow cabinets, spice racks, above-the-door shelves, and more.  The smallest and tightest of spaces can have their usefulness maximized with a little online shopping or even a DIY project.

What are your favorite bath ideas? Do you have a spa-inspired design you want to put into your own bathroom layout? Tell us all about it!


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