How to Clean a Home before Moving In

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Moving in into a new place is never an easy task. There are always things to be done and details on which you need to pay attention but nevertheless it is often something that simply must be done. Of course, before moving in, you always need to conduct a thorough sweep of the premises and investigate the general state of the home but here, cleanness is often not as important as the location of the place, the cost of rent and some other things. Still, for you to be able to move into a place, it needs to rise up to your own cleanness standards.

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It is true that any decent person will thoroughly clean the place where they lived before moving out; however this is not always the case. Sometimes, people are reckless or just move away in rush with little or no regard for future tenant or their landlord. If this is the case with home that you intend to move into, you will have to do some pre-moving-in-cleaning of your own. Here are some tips and advices on how to do this as easily and effectively as possible.

Plan everything

Although when cleaning is in question there are some general areas on which you need to pay attention to, it is always a great idea to create a thorough and sound-proof plan for cleaning your future home. Create a cleaning checklist to cover every single aspect of your future home that needs to be cleaned. This way you will also be able to approximately estimate how much time will it take for you to clean the entire home as well as how much time will it take for you to perform some individual cleaning task.

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Start with the Kitchen

While it is a self explanatory notion of why you need to keep your home clean at all times, there is one area of your living space that deserves most of your attention. This part is your kitchen and it is of key significance to keep it clean since it is where you prepare food for yourself and your family, which means that hygiene in your kitchen, is of top priority. In a recent chat with the people from Sydney-based house cleaning firm Pristine Homes, it came to our attention that you need to pay almost equal amount of attention to scrubbing the surfaces in your kitchen as all the rest of your home combined.

Take Care of Cabinets and Appliances

Pay attention to keeping your cabinets and appliances clean, since they take quite prominent position in your home. Luckily for you it is not so hard to keep your cabinets clean. Use a mild cleaner for inside your cabinets and a wood cleaner for the outside and you should have no trouble whatsoever. For the appliances on the other hand, you will have to use a heavy-duty cleaner, like paste or wax.

Finish with Floor and Walls

In the end, clean the large surfaces in your home such as walls and floor. Cleaning your floor depends greatly on whether you have carpets or not. If there is a carpet in question use your vacuum cleaner as often as possible and on the occasion call the professional. However, if the wooden floor is in question, resort to the mild soap solution to keep it clean.

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When it comes to cleaning your walls, it all depends on your predecessors. If they were kind enough to have painted your walls there will not be much for you to do. Still, if you’re not that lucky, paint them yourself or, if there are stains in question, use sponge mop and soap water in order to clean them.

Although this can seem like a lot of effort at the very beginning of your new life in your new home, sometimes, it is an effort that you simply cannot afford not to take. Keeping your home clean is not just about making it presentable for other people but also about caring about the health and wellbeing of your family in general. With all this in mind, it is an effort that you simply cannot afford not to take.

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