The Best Reasons Fireplace Tiles Need To Be At The Top Of Your List

Last Updated on February 28, 2022 by Kravelv

Every homeowner deserves to have a fantastic looking home.  However, the price of upgrading kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms can often be out of reach for many.  This can be especially true if you have just bought your house, have a family, or are just simply strapped for cash.  If this sounds like you’ll want to consider installing new fireplace tiles for your next home project.

A Natural Focal Point and Place To Relax

Of course you don’t have to be on a tight budget to enjoy the benefits of these tiles but if you are they can make the end result that much more satisfying. That’s because of the special nature and design of the fireplace.  It’s a place that we gather in front with our family and friends for fun, conversation and warmth.  Fireplaces naturally attract the eye of anyone who walks into the room and for that reason having one which is adorned with gorgeous fireplace tile will make a huge impression.

Savings For All

However while the entire fireplace may take up a large space the areas which can be tiled are quite small.  These are the surround which is the area that frames the firebox and the hearth which is on the floor in front of it.  The small total space they take up is a very big benefit for the homeowner.  It means that you will only have to purchase a tiny fraction of the amount of tiles you would for a much larger project and that in turn keeps more of your money in your bank account.  Even if you decide to add both fireplace hearth tiles and ones for the surround you’ll be still only buying a few in total.

fireplace tiles

Not Everything Is Out Of Your Price Range

A further benefit is that since it does cost so little to complete you can usually end up going for materials you otherwise couldn’t afford.  Homeowners who couldn’t afford to install an entire kitchen floor with marble for example can often easily get away with just purchasing a handful.  And that’s all you need to create stunning results! But of course there are many lower budget options that can look just as good too.  Reproduction antique fireplace tiles can be purchased individually for cheap and you could always choose to go with simple solid colored ones or even mix them up to create your own designs and patterns.

Safety Benefits

One of the smartest reasons to use these tiles other than their beauty and how affordable they are is the safety they provide.  Tile is a completely fire resistant material and fireplace tiles in particular are made to be able to withstand high heats that would cause other options and even standard tiles to crack or become damaged.  Having them to serve as a barrier between the flames and the rest of your home is not only important but essential to the safety of your family, belongings, and house itself.

Whether you just love good deals, are a smart consumer, or really are on a limited budget fireplace tiles can help you to improve the look of your home on a dime.  And with their added safety you can rest assured and sleep easier knowing you are helping to protect your home and family.  Just be sure to shop around a little and read up on the different materials available so you can get a feel for what you like best.

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