How to Choose a Shower Screen?

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In the majority of modern households, showers are an essential part. Hence, it is important to not only choose the right shower but it is also important to find a suitable shower screen. Shower screen helps in protecting a bathroom against being splattered or flooded with water. Apart from this, the appearance of a bathroom changes dramatically when a shower screen is used. Since showers tend to become the center point of a bathroom, it is essential to take the necessary time for selecting a shower screen carefully.

  • Appearance

While selecting a shower screen, its appearance is taken into account. Depending upon this factor, there are three types of shower screens.

  • Fully framed

In this type, a frame is installed around each glass panel. These frames are used for creating a classic or traditional look. They are also very cost effective.

  • Semi frameless

In this type, a frame is installed around the outside portion. But the same is not done either on the sides of the glass panel or around the doors. This type helps in creating a stylish and clean look. It is less costly as compared to fully frameless.

Bathroom Shower Screen

  • Fully frameless

In this type, no frame is installed around the shower screen glass. The fixing of glass is done using channels, fixings or clamps. This type of shower screen helps in creating a minimalist and clean look. It’s cleaning and maintenance is also easy. This is because no space is present for the accumulation of grime and soap scum.

  • Bathroom Spacing

While choosing a shower screen, an important factor you need to consider is the bathroom space. In other words, the size of the bathroom must be taken into account. If there is enough space in the bathroom, one can have the luxury of having a hinged door. Alternatively, a pivot or a bi-fold shower screen may also prove to be an appropriate choice. An additional advantage of having a pivot or a bi-fold shower screen is that it prevents the bumping of shower screen door to the sink or the toilet. While planning for a new bathroom, it is important to consider the opening of the shower screen. One must also not forget relative working of the shower screen with that of the bathroom door.

shower screen

  • Sealing of the area

While deciding about the shower screen to be employed, creating of a shower area that is completely sealed is very important. The selected shower screen must be robust for satisfying this particular condition. While choosing a shower screen, one also must be sure that it is completely waterproof.

  • Material of shower screen

A shower screen can be made from a reinforced safety glass or acrylic material. The shower screen can also be made of plastic. The manner of accessing the shower is another thing that must be considered while choosing a shower screen, that is, will the shower screen be on the corner or at the side. These requirements must be a part of choice and design considerations.

  • Custom made shower screens

While shower screens of pre-made sizes are easy to find, it may be essential to provide measurements for a shower screen for maximizing the available space. In maximum shower screen designs, there is always a degree of flexibility. This means that shower screens that are not custom made can also fit a wide range of sizes.

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  • Maintenance and cleaning

All types of shower screens require regular maintenance proper cleaning to keep them functional. The more metal and components a shower screen has, harder it will be for the cleaning. Due to this reason, semi-frameless and frameless shower screens are generally preferred over framed shower screens.

There are a number of places from where you can purchase shower screens in your town. However, it is always smart to do a thorough research before buying them. You start by looking into the web. This is by far the best place from where you can get all the information that you require.

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  1. Knowing what sort of frame you are going to want for your shower screen. My personal favorite is the semi frameless. When you figure out which of the three you want then you are able to search for that type and find a good one.

  2. I have been looking into what kind shower screen would be best for my new bathroom. This is my first time getting a shower screen and this article really helped. It is awesome the way you talked about looking at the material of the shower screen since it can be made from safety glass or acrylic. I will have to take that into consideration.

  3. Everyone has a dream to have a contemporary aesthetic home to achieve this people want to add luxury to living space. Glass showers, mirrors and windows are able to complete all the requirement of modern home and architecture.

  4. It really helped when you mentioned how you should consider the size of your bathroom when looking for the best screen shower. I understand that taking the time to do some research can help you find the best type of screen for your bathroom and to get the best deal on the materials you need. Personally, I would want to take the time to consult with professional who has experience with screens so I can get the best quality I can get.

  5. I like that you mention knowing what kind of frame you want. My brother is looking to get new shower screens but needs tips. I’ll be sure to talk to him about knowing what kind of frame he wants.

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