How nature is leaving its mark in the world bathroom design

Last Updated on March 14, 2022 by Kravelv

The outdoors has numerous proven healing powers. Just going for an evening stroll is a great way to free thoughts and remove the weight of everyday stress from anyone’s shoulders.  For many, a bathroom is the place detached from the rest of the world. But, what if we told you by letting nature in to part of your design you can achieve the relaxing sanctuary you’ve dreamed of? Nature has inspired all sorts of ideas that can make the transition to the design of your bathroom.

No longer a carbon copy

A lot of our modern gadgets take the limelight in our bathroom but this doesn’t mean we should turn our backs away from nature. In fact, this has made us appreciate it that much more with increasing desires to show case an organic appeal and utilising natural resources in the most efficient way we can. A variety of bathroom appliances can be found that parallel natural elements such as stone or wood. The addition of such appliances can bring a unique touch throughout a bathroom that also produces depth and warmth. Making it a place where straight lines do not take all of the glory and outwardly scraps a man made appearance.


As convincing as they may be, ditch the fakery of artificial plants and restore natural appeal to your bathroom with flowers and plants. Now, we know what you’re thinking. Upkeep of these flowers tends to get a bit lax in a pretty short space of time. However, remembering to maintain plants needn’t become a chore. There are many potted options that demand a lot less attention. Plus, there are options that do not require sunlight. This is just one of many bathroom hacks you can put to good use.

Back to earth:

For those who are not looking to completely remodel their bathroom, playing with an organic toned colour scheme could welcome the idea of nature within the home. Typical colours will include tones such as taupe, browns, green and variations of grey.  However, Earth tones colours notably stray from conventions of a certain “theme”. Nature knows no bounds so why should its colour palette be narrow? The real rule of thumb when deciding on a colour falls down to the saturation. Let’s say you’re aiming to recreate a beach setting. Choose a shade of blue that is soft enough to be paired cohesively with a neutral beige tone.

Natural lighting is perhaps the most useful tool that can be brought into play. Accentuating this can provide an airy atmosphere in a variety of ways. Use your mirror strategically and place it adjacent to the light source in your bathroom. This will bounce light throughout the room thus opening it up. But, what if you don’t have windows? No problem. Make use of the colour white and brighten up any dullness. This doesn’t mean you can’t try out other colours; instead think of it as a blank canvas that you can mix with other shades.

These are just a few of the many possibilities that you can trial; will one of these ideas blossom in your bathroom?

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