Shower Screens: What You Should Know About Them


Usually the central and the most important part of your bathroom is your shower. While there are many things that can significantly influence the aesthetic appearance of your shower, one of the most prominent is definitely the shower head. Still, there is nothing that gives your shower more character, and more opportunity to express itself than its own shower screen. Being the first thing you, or anyone else can see when observing your shower, it is not strange that this feature of your shower can sometimes be so important.

Not long ago, your options concerning the choice of a shower screen were quite limited. You could either go with a traditional glass shower screen, or even more traditional curtain on a rail, but now everything has changed. Now you have an almost endless variety of options and ideas through which you can successfully transform your shower into the defining element of your bathroom.

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The frame

The options in choosing your shower frame today are nearly limitless, yet in order to find your way in this unexplored jungle of options there are a couple of basic divisions of shower screens on types. The most common division of different types of shower screens is based on a kind of frame that that particular screen has.

A traditional shower screen, most usually made out of glass, has a full aluminum frame, covering the borders of the screen. This is traditional, safe and reliable solution to the question of installing and securing the screen, but if you are up for something a bit more original and daring, you can always go with semi-frameless or even completely frameless option. The choice is all yours.

Traditionally speaking, the screens are usually of rectangular or square shape, forming a cubicle with the slight help of walls, but some of the more modern and original solutions are ones that include semi-circle panels installed against two walls. Again, the question of frame type is purely aesthetical category which has nothing to do with your showers functionality.


Against the popular opinion, not all shower screens are made out of glass. Even if they are made of glass, you still have a great number of patterns from which you can chose ones fitting your bathroom the best. You can always go with the traditional clear glass, but are not in any way restricted from making your mind for the frozen glass pattern or even the pattern resembling beads or dripping water. The world is your oyster.

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Installation Process

While it is true that with a curtain all you have to do is hang it on a rail and that even a classical glass shower screen is easy to install, even by a complete layman, it is quite more difficult to set up a semi-frameless or frameless screen. This is not something that everyone can do by him or herself and is often best left to professionals.

This however should not dissuade you from your original intentions. As we found out from people who run a reputed Sydney-based bathroom warehouse, for just a moderate fee, a team of professionals can make sure that you have a bathroom of your dreams in no time. With all the problems concerning the installation of the screen out of the picture, let your imagination run wild, envision your perfect shower and turn your dreams into a reality.

Eventually, in the manner of giving the character to the aesthetical interior of your bathroom, your only limitation is your imagination. With just a bit of effort and dedication, you can in no time create a bathroom of your dreams and there is no reason whatsoever why you should not do so. The notion of having the bathroom of your dreams in which you will always feel comfortable and relaxed is second to none.


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