How to Choose the Best Tap-ware for Your Bathroom?

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Kravelv

When you want to remodel your house, you might find it hard to picture everything to be able to make everything go well with each other. But the most important thing in any bathroom or even kitchen is the tapware and is considered to be an important accessory as it is a commonly used item in all bathrooms. Choosing the right tapware for your bathroom will be very difficult as you will have a number of choices to choose from. You should remember few things that will help you in choosing the right tapware for your bathroom.


Choosing the design that will be able to mix well with the rest of bathroom is very important. If you are redoing your bathroom, then looks are very important so you should hold and feel each tapware that you are considering to see and check if it feels comfortable. When it comes to design, you will have a number of options to choose from.

  • Pillar taps are the most commonly used kind and it will come with two taps. One will draw hot water while the other will draw cold water that will flow separately into a basin or bath.
  • Mixer tapes are something that will draw water from the cold and hot pipes but it will mix the two before it emerges from the sprout. This type will have only one tap and it is very easy to reach the correct temperature. Some of the mixer taps will have a shower mixer so you will be able to alternate the flow between the taps and the shower attachment.
  • Monobloc mixers are a single unit that contains one or two handles and a sprout. These will be suitable for the deck mounted baths and basins that will have a single hole and is used along with countertop basins.
  • Some of the contemporary bathrooms will feature taps that are wall mounted and will be protruding over the basin or bath. These taps will look very stylish but could be challenging when it comes to installation as the plumbing and pipes should be hidden inside the wall.
  • Deck mounted taps will be attached to the basin, bath or the unit through holes that are drilled in the base itself. These could be pillar taps that comes through two holes or even monoblack that comes through one hole. It is very easy to fix these tapes when compared to the wall mounted taps.
  • One of the latest trends in taps is the freestanding bath taps which are mounted next to the bathtubs and are freestanding. It will come with a shower mixer and will give you a modern and contemporary look.

Bathroom Tapware

Once you decide the type of tap that you want, you should also be able to choose the material. While choosing the tapware you should remember the place that you are going to fix it in. If you have a freestanding tub and you do not want to use deck mounted taps you will be able to use the freestanding taps. But for that you should have enough space in your bathroom and it should be fitted properly without causing any damage to the floor. The taps should be chosen based on the usage and type of bath or basin in which the water should flow into. Some taps should be taller if the basin comes with a height and some will be wall mounted to fit over the above counter basin. Longer sprouts are required for bathtubs and the mixers should be able to fit right over it. That is why you should remember the functionality when you choose the appropriate tapware for your bathroom.