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How to Assess the Roof Damage?

If you want to get the maximum pay off from your roofing investment, it is suggested to deal with roof damages consciously and wisely. The way you assess and deal with the damage determines the life expectancy and longevity of a roof.

Here are some of the effective ways mentioned to help you assess the roof damage on time.

Climb on Your Roof

Since roof usually remains out of the sight, most of the damages go unnoticed and undetected. It can lead to huge trouble and expenses in the future. Therefore, it is recommended to get a pair of binoculars and a balanced ladder to climb on your roof. However, when you are doing this, it is necessary to take the necessary safety precautions beforehand.

Water Running Test

Since roof leaks are the most common types of roof damage, you need to detect them by running water through critical parts of your roof i.e. ventilation, flashing, and chimney. You must put buckets under the suspected areas of your roof while carrying out the test. It would help avoid any damage of interior property or furniture.

Once you are able to detect the roof leaks, it is suggested to call any of the professional Ann Arbor roofing contractors to get them fixed permanently.

Perform Outdoor Inspection

You must also have to carry out an outdoor inspection to look for missing and damaged roof shingles. You would require doing this most probably after the heavy storms and hails. It is also possible to find the sign of damages near the chimney, flashing, gutter system, and fencing.

If you are not able to inspect the damage, it is wise to call the professionals for help. Since they are trained to do the job, they would know how to carry out the inspection properly.

Perform Indoor Inspection

You must also perform an indoor inspection to look for the signs of roof damage. If you end up witnessing peeling paint and stains on the walls and ceiling of your home, it shows that the structure of your roof is damaged due to poor ventilation.

Evaluate the Gutter System

The performance of your gutter system can also help you assess the roof damage. You might be able to see the early warning signs of flooding and stagnant water which clearly show that your gutter system is being clogged.

It generally happens after the extreme weather, but some homeowners end up noticing the granules in their gutter systems throughout the year. If you are one of them, it is better to be aware of the fact that your roof shingles have started wearing down rapidly.

Check the Quality of Material

To assess the roof damage, you need to check for the quality of your roof material. If your roof has low-quality material shingles, you would start noticing the signs of cracks, holes, and grains on them sooner than expected. It clearly indicates that your roof is facing significant damages due to poor structural integrity and longevity.  

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