How Hurricanes/bad weather can impact your roof

Last Updated on April 11, 2022 by Kravelv

Poor weather conditions can have a major effect on the structural integrity of your home. If your home’s been through a hurricane is a good chance that your roof systems have been heavily impacted along the way. In the event that a hurricane or severe weather happens, it’s a very good idea that you contact a roofing contractor immediately to perform an assessment of your roof and to provide an immediate repair that can manage the structural integrity of your roof.

Here are some of the top ways that a hurricane can impact your roof:

Strong winds can blow off shingles: during a severe windstorm, you could have shingles blown off your roof exposing the wood panels below. This can lead to mold, rot and potentially even structural damage to your home as of exposed to water throughout the storm.

It’s very difficult to dry out these areas after they’ve been exposed and it’s important to have a professional and assess the damage as well as provide an immediate patch to your roof.

Heavy rain can lead to water retention: As the grit from your shingles starts to wash off in heavy rainstorms they can require replacement. When you start to lose some of the control over the water on your roof there’s a chance that you could be a victim to water pooling which can sometimes lead to leaks, rot and more.

Being able to control the water draining off of your roof can also lead to a heavy downpour off of your roof from your gutters which can lead to channels that form around your foundation causing your home to potentially shift.

Fixing these two large roofing issues after bad weather is very important for protecting the structural integrity of your home. If you have experienced a severe storm or hurricane be sure to contact a roofing contractor for inspection immediately.

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