6 Types Of Damage Caused By A Leaking Roof

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There is nothing good about a leaking roof. It is always bad news. This might begin as a tiny spot on your ceiling but will eventually grow into a huge structural problem when not fixed early enough. You don’t have to freak out when you notice your roof leaks. Regardless of whether it’s a residential roof or commercial roof, appropriate care, and handling help keep leaks at bay. This requires fixing small issues before they escalate into costly repair problems in which case you would then need a reliable roofing contractor to help you out.

Likely damage from roof leaks without repair

Wall stains

Probably easier to see right away, wall stains are the most common sign of roof leaks. It is obviously the first red flag to tell your roof is leaking. Wall stains usually begin as light grey discoloration on your walls caused by chemical residue in the leaking water. It damage is mostly superficial but you need a professional roofer to discover the source of the moisture and fix it accordingly. Fixing this issue early will save you a considerable amount you would use to apply a new coat of painting or to repair the wall.

Ceiling damage

Regular exposure to tiny water drops in the same spot is likely to cause bigger damage to your ceiling. Apart from staining the paint on the ceiling, it might also severely weaken the structural integrity of the ceiling. This puts it at risk of collapse in extreme cases. It is very important to call a professional roofer to fix the leaks before your ceiling begins to cause eyesore or collapse. This might cause a loss of lives, property damage, and damage to the whole building structure.

Insulation damage

With the ceiling damaged, roof leaks contribute negatively to home insulation. Presence of high humidity inside your structure encourages mold and mildew growth. It is important to pay attention to roofing in Los Angeles CA  by scheduling professional inspection and repairs. Presence of mold and mildew is likely to affect indoor air quality contributing to toxicity, which puts all inhabitants at risk. It is important to fix all roof leaks as a measure to keep health a priority.

Foundation problems

Leaks on your roof might escalate faster without you noticing when you don’t get them fixed early enough. Prolonged leaks might contribute to structural and foundation issues over time. This is because it is so easy for the water from the roof to move to the home foundation. Prolonged exposure will lead to costly structural damage and causes potential danger to inhabitants and nearby structures. It is better to deal with this early to protect your structural foundation. Prolonged structural damage might lead to issues such as:

  • Foundation upheaval
  • Settling or sinking
  • Sticking doors
  • Uneven or sagging floors
  •  Gaps around windows frames

Fixing such problems is costly and takes time. The solution to avoid this is fixing roof leaks before the issue escalates. In fact, even if you search online, a professional roofer’s website will also confirm that hiring a professional roofer to install your roof will be beneficial since they will use materials depending on the type of roof, the shape of your home, and more. 

Property damage

Apart from structural damage, leaks from the roof put your property at risk. The dripping water is likely to end up on expensive equipment and appliances. You very well know that electrical items don’t need exposure to water. Such items might burn when plugged in causing damage to the item or electric shock. Additionally, metallic items might begin corroding from exposure to water leaks. By the time you check on your items, you won’t be happy with the sight. It is better to have the leaks fixed in time to keep your items safe.

Reputational damage

Brand reputation is very important in business. You have to always represent your brand in the best way possible, especially at your premises. A commercial leak that leaks is bad news for your business. Employees are likely to keep on complaining about the poor working environment in your office. Working in such environment puts the employees at risk and word might spread out. This is a severe case of reputational damage, which is hard to recover.

Alternatively, it might be the customers noticing that your roof leaks. Keep in mind that the sings of leaks might be all over your ceiling or on the walls. This makes your working environment seem less organized to give customers a negative impression. Customers are more likely to end up questioning your capacity to handle a professional job. Additionally, stains on the ceiling and walls are a huge turnoff for potential customers since they affect the aesthetic appeal of the place.


Now that you have discovered the forms of damage from roof leaks, always schedule roof inspection by a professional Los Angeles roofer. A roof is an important aspect of a home or commercial building. It keeps inhabitants safe and warm in cold weather. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of your roof. Fixing roof leaks early saves a lot of money and a professional roofer is always just a phone call away to come and fix the issue.

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