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8 Home Decor Ideas For Large Spaces

People often struggle with decorating small spaces because of a lack of space. On the flip side, however, having a large space to decorate can be overwhelming. It is tricky in that you want to eliminate empty spaces without the room appearing busy.

Nevertheless, most people prefer large spaces. That is why people with limited space undergo kitchen and shower remodeling to gain more space. That being said, decorating large spaces is a fun challenge since you are not limited to space. With clever and creative ideas such as the following, you can achieve a luxurious and balanced feel.

1. Use a room divider to mark separate spaces

Creating two seating areas works well in utilizing the huge space and making the room appear smaller. However, you need a divider to clearly mark the two areas. Using a daybed, a console table, a bench, or a bookshelf works well in this case. Place the sofa in the middle of the room and let the room divider of your choice stand behind it.

2. Create excitement with rugs

While some people don’t agree, rugs are an exciting addition to any room. For starters, their compelling designs simply are a match with any type of decor or preference. Secondly, they can be used for multiple reasons, let’s say, for defining areas, creating a variety. Harmony. Dress up a wall, create a focal point, etc.

 3. Ditch the coffee table for huge ottoman

Having a large living room means large spaces between the coffee table and the sofa. The idea is to minimize this space without losing style. The best way to do this is to replace the coffee table with a huge ottoman. You can have it upholstered to match the sofas in order to maintain a uniform look.

4. Place potted plants in empty corners

Empty corners in a large room tend to appear boring and isolated. You need to think of ideas that can give it life and brighten the area. You can never go wrong with potted plants. Make them massive to cover more space vertically. You only need to ensure that the lighting needs for these plants are catered for. That is, have enough natural light to the area, or use some grow lights.

5. Create separate spaces in huge rooms

Creating several areas in a large room creates an illusion of a divided up space. You can utilize this clever idea to make use of empty spaces that might appear awkward if left empty. For instance, you can have a sitting area, an entertainment corner or a reading nook in a large bedroom. The same can also be incorporated in the living room with the addition of a fireplace. You can use some chairs and a coffee table for the sitting area and an armchair for the reading nook in a huge bedroom. Floor to ceiling bookshelves are a great addition for a cozy reading area in the bedroom or living room. Armchairs and X benches make a great choice for the fireplace area.

6. Move furniture closer together

Placing sofas much further from each other sounds counter-intuitive considering that the living room is meant for interactions and conversation. Have the furniture closer together to create a more inviting feel, which means pulling them off the walls. Fill the spaces left with a console table and some benches. To achieve a cozy look, place the table against the wall and tuck the benches below it.

7. Consider the vertical space

Often with a large space, people tend to think of the floor space and forget that the height also makes the room appear bigger. To achieve a more balanced look, it is always good to make use of the vertical space. Hanging curtains a bit higher than the windows always works magic. You can also add a big artwork to a blank wall or add decorative shelves to house accessories such as small potted plants.

Alternatively, painting two tones of color creates an illusion that the ceiling is lower, which works well in balancing the space. Another great way is having low pendant light features.

8. Choose the right furniture size

Decorating a room starts with choosing the right furniture. For large spaces, you don’t want to have slim pieces that will appear out of proportion to the room. Opt for oversized furniture instead. A large bed, for instance, fills up most space in a large bedroom and becomes the main focus in the room.


Having a large space can sometimes trick someone to leave clutter around the home. After all, there is enough space to hold all the belongings. However, clutter appears ugly in a large space just as it does in a small space. Besides utilizing the above décor ideas, it is always wise to keep the space clean and organized. It goes a long way in improving the comfort and coziness of the home.

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