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Hiring Professional Roofers: Expectations vs. Reality

Homeowners have two options when it comes to handling roof-related problems: attempt to fix the roof on their own or get help from professionals like Houston roofing contractor. Since most homeowners do not have the experience necessary to properly repair a roof, getting help from a roofer is usually the better option. However, that doesn’t mean that hiring a pro will automatically guarantee a problem-free roof. There are times when homeowners feel disappointed with the end result of their latest roofing project, despite hiring pros.

Expectation: Roofers will restore your roof to 100%.

Reality: Roofers can only repair what they see is wrong.

This is a common misconception. There’s a leak so the homeowner calls a roofer for help. Said roofer fixes the problem area, but it turns out there’s also a leak in the bedroom! This kind of problem can be avoided if both the homeowner and the roofer work together. The homeowner should provide as much information as possible so the roofers can perform a better inspection of the roof to get rid of existing problems and prevent future ones from happening.

Expectation: Any roofer will do.

Reality: Different roofs, different roofers.

Ever wondered why not all roofers install certain types of roofs? That’s because different types of roofs require different methods of installation. This means the most skilled asphalt shingle installers in the world won’t be able to help much when installing a slate roof without proper training. If you want a specific roof, you must be sure your roofer is certified to work with that particular roofing option.

Expectation: Roofers can take care of your gutter problems too.

Reality: Some roofers can take care of your gutter problems.

I can understand why a lot of people have the idea that roofers are also gutter experts. After all, gutters are connected to the roof. However, you can’t assume that all roofers are trained to work with gutter systems. Sometimes, but not always, roofers are also certified for gutter installation and maintenance.


Author Bio:

Kent Weber is a roofing consultant at Roof Roof, a leading provider of roofing services in South Carolina. He has helped plenty of homeowners in the Upstate with matters related to roofing including installation, repair and maintenance.


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