How long your roof can last? Lifespan of different roof types

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Before replacing a roof, you probably want to get a material that last decades. Some roofing materials are popular, while others are durable. Mostly the durable ones are more expensive, but this doesn’t mean the cost has anything to do with the quality. It all depends on your need and circumstances, which ever material works well in hot weather won’t work in cold weather.

Longevity of different roof types:

The age of roof depends on its material’s quality. But, that’s just not enough. There are several factors involves which affect the longevity of the roof. Sun exposure plays a vital role in the longevity of a roof and roof’s slope does the same. Most important is the maintenance of the roof, the more you care the more it lasts long.


Here is some helpful information to find out the age of all roofing materials.

  1. Shingles:

Up till now the most used and reliable roofing material is asphalt shingles. There lifespan is said to be about 15-30 years, it is a very low maintenance material. They are perfect for colder regions. They can live up to 25 years in an area where it’s cold most of the year. But, in warmer regions it tends to decrease their age for about 12-14 years. So, basically asphalt does better in cold weather and not so good in continued heat.

  1. Wood:

Estimating wood’s lifespan is a little challenging, as so many factors are involved to assure its durability. But, according to estimation wood lasts for 15-30 years. A lot of factors count in which affects its durability. For example sun exposure, excessive rainfall, thickness and design of wood. The durability also depends on its maintenance and proper installation. Out of all, cedar wood is the best choice.

  1. Metal:

Despite the fact that, asphalt shingles are most popular and commonly used. Metals are the most reliable and durable ones. There demanding is increasing day by day as it’s a onetime investment. Metal roof lasts for 100 years. Metal is resistant to natural disasters like lighting, fire damage, bugs etc. The surge increase in demand of metal roofing is due to its proficiency in energy consumption. On the contrary, metals need very low maintenance. A prior inspection once in a year would be enough. Scrap and repaint the rusted part to maintain its life.

  1. Slate:

To get a fine and pure natural look, nothing beats slate. It is made up of small sliver stones. A slate roof has a lifespan of 75-100 years, but it is very fragile. A little negligence can damage the complete roof. Even though it’s a low maintenance roof, but nails and fasteners can be a problem. They need to be checked periodically and replaced promptly.

  1. Tile:


Tiles are often used in Spanish or Italian style houses. They are really durable if treated with care. Since tiles are made installed on motor bed, it’s slippery and a lot of take care is needed to last it for hardly ten years. Tiles are fragile, which means it can be damaged easily if doesn’t handle with care. Usually extra support is needed to keep these tiles in shape. So it’s kind of risky to choose tile as roofing material if you can’t look after it.

Before deciding to choose any above roofing material, look for the climate you live in. See the pros and cons according to your situation. If you are in Pinckney, you should consult with reliable roofing contractors in pinckney Michigan, Remember cost doesn’t always have to do anything with quality, Look for priorities and make a decision accordingly.

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