The Proactive vs. Reactive Approach to Roofing

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If there is one thing a contractor would advise any homeowner, it is to make regular roofing maintenance a habit. However, despite all the reminders I’ve given our customers, I still find our team doing jobs that involve repairing damages that could have been easily avoided with regular maintenance.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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A lot of roofing troubles come from unintentional neglect. It’s either homeowners forget to check on their roofs or they simply didn’t think that they would have to. Since it is hard to remember something that is not as visible as your door or window, roofs almost always take the back seat when it comes to repairs and maintenance. The result? Premature roof failure. More than 80% of all roofs are replaced before they can reach the end of their lifespan, costing you thousands of dollars you could have tucked aside for other home improvement projects.

Proactive vs. Reactive Roofing

It’s natural to address a problem once it presents itself. But you know what’s better than solving a problem? Preventing the problem from happening in the first place. In roofing, this means taking a proactive approach towards maintenance. Roofs are built to endure the elements but nothing lasts 50 years without a little bit of help. Where a reactive approach will only have you moving to repair your roof when a problem crops up, the proactive approach will have you employing routine care to prevent the same problem from taking hold.

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What Proactive Roofing Can Offer You

Preventing a problem appears to be a simple benefit but taking the proactive approach to roofing also has its financial rewards. For starters, being proactive allows you to save because routine maintenance costs will always be generally more affordable than a repair or replacement job. Yes, you’re still spending, but what you’re shelling out is a small cost towards ensuring that you make the most out of your investment. Besides, you only need to schedule routine maintenance tasks twice in a year (only more frequent if weather conditions are severe in your area)

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The Benefit of Reactive Roofing

While proactive roofing is the preferred choice, this does not mean that reactive roofing will never be of any good to you. Sometimes, circumstances get in the way of employing routine maintenance, leaving you to rely only on reactive roofing. If this is the case, know that timing is of the essence. Roofing problems worsen with time. As you already have a problem by the time you turn to reactive roofing, you’re going to have to make sure that you address that problem immediately. Your local roofing contractor should be able to offer emergency repair services so there should be no trouble getting the help you need when you need it.

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Whether you take the proactive or reactive route, remember one thing: work with a reputable contractor. Be it big or small, any kind of roofing problem will be no match for an experienced roofing contractor.



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