Hello Spring: 4 Strategies For Maintaining The Optimal Home Comfort Level


Spring is generally thought of as a transition season. It is just as likely for the temperature to be below freezing with snow on the ground as it is for the temperature to be 20 degrees above average with high levels of humidity.  It can be hard to know what type of clothing to wear, let alone how to keep your home at a comfortable temperature this season. Below we’ll discuss various strategies to help you regulate your home temperature as best you can during the spring, and avoid spending outrageous amounts of money to do it. What are some ways that you can keep your home comfortable while the weather oscillates between warm and cold outside?

Have Your HVAC System Inspected

The first thing that you want to do is to have your HVAC system inspected. This ensures that it wasn’t damaged during the winter, and it ensures that your ducts will be clean going into the spring and summer months. It is critical to have clean ducts during a time of the year in which pollen and dust can be hazards to those with allergies. Talk to a professional, like those at HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric, to determine what the needs of your home and HVAC system are.

You May Be Able To Open Windows Or Use Fans To Keep The Home Cool

The nice thing about the spring months is that the nights are usually cooler than the days. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need the air conditioner on while you sleep just because it was warmer than average for a day or for a stretch of days. Small fans placed by your bed may also help to keep you cool when it isn’t warm enough to justify turning on an air conditioner.

Make Sure To Reduce Any Drafts Around The House

Drafty windows or doors can reduce the temperature in the house and make it necessary to turn on the heat. Adding a door guard can help keep your doors free from drafts while caulking your window frames can help keep the elements outside where they belong. Caulking window frames may also reduce the amount of moisture that can get in, which may reduce wood rot or the chance of an insect infestation.

Add More Attic Insulation

Properly insulating an attic keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the spring. This ensures that you don’t spend more on heating and cooling costs than necessary. It also promotes a uniform temperature throughout the house, which allows everyone to be comfortable whether they are in bed or in the family room.

The beginning of spring is one of the most anticipated times of the year. While it may signal the end of consistently cold weather, it doesn’t mean that you can turn off the furnace for good. Therefore, be sure to have your entire house inspected to ensure a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout.

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