8 Tips for Cleaning Aluminum Siding

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People consider the cleaning of Aluminum siding a very difficult task and that is the main reason why most of the home owners and owners of commercial buildings try to avoid installing the Aluminum siding. However this is a big misconception and it is not at all difficult to install the Aluminum siding and its cleaning is also a very easy task. You only need to have the proper materials required for leaning of Aluminum siding and then you can easily perform the task of cleaning in no time. Moreover there is no special effort required in cleaning the siding of Aluminum.

It is a fact that Aluminum is a very resilient and attractive material and it is also very tough at the same time. That is why it is recommended by the builders for installation in the form of siding. The best thing about Aluminum is that it does not get corroded by the effects of weather elements and the siding made from Aluminum also require very little or no maintenance for longer periods of time. In order to keep the Aluminum siding in the best look and to give them a long life span, it is necessary to maintain the siding and clean them properly. If you follow certain tips for cleaning the Aluminum siding, you can save your money and extra effort as well and can complete the task within no time.

1. Ensure regular cleaning of siding

When the siding goes unattended for a longer period of time, it and result in accumulation of the dirt and dust and layers get stick to the siding. In order to prevent this accumulation of dust on the siding it is advised to regularly clean the siding of walls and windows.

2. Always keep the cleaning equipment in hand

If there is mildew growth on the siding then you will need laundry detergent and bleach for cleaning it. In addition to this, pressure washer or a hose is necessary to throw water with pressure. Along with these necessary items it is also important to wear safety it including gloves, eye protective wear, hat and a jacket. In order to reach the top portions of the siding, you should have either a brush with long handle or a ladder to reach the spots where access is hard.

In case you are using the pressure washer, be careful to keep it on a low setting so that the siding may not be damaged due to high pressure.

3. Clear the surrounding area before cleaning

Before beginning the task of cleaning the siding, you need to first clear out the surroundings and must remove all the important things which may be damaged due to pressure washer or detergents.

4. Cleaning materials for mildew and chalking

The stains of mildew are very stubborn and are difficult to clean by detergent. It is advised to clean them by using bleach or alternatively by a mixture of vinegar and borax.

5. Always rinse the siding first before applying detergent

Before you apply detergent or cleaning agents to the siding, make sure to rinse them properly and thoroughly so that the solution may not dry out and leave a stain on the siding.

6. Always start from the top

When you apply the detergent, always begin from the top and then comedown scrubbing the siding till the bottom. This will help in avoiding the drip marks.

7. Take help if required

If you work by means of a ladder, you should probably need help of someone to hold it. This will help in avoiding the risk or falling down.

8. Always throw water with spray at an angle

If you spray water directly and straight on the doors and windows, it may leak inside through the small gaps.

But if by any chance you are facing trouble while cleaning Aluminum sidings then you really need to contact professional Siding contractors in Michigan for assistance.

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