How to Know When You Need an AC Repair for Your Air Conditioner Unit

Last Updated on June 13, 2024 by Kravelv

As soon as the summer sun emerges and the temperature soars up and heats up the entire country you will want to get your air conditioner on and relax in the cool air. However, if you see that if is working to its full potential and not just adding up to your power bill and not cooling which you expected it to do. Every device needs a little bit of care and same goes for your air conditioners.

Check Points

You need to have a maintenance check done in regular intervals for the air conditioners; best if you do it with an experienced HVAC contractor, so that during summer you can relax and do your work in peace at home. Listed below are the signs which you should check if you need to get the air conditioner repaired.

AC Smells

When your air conditioner starts producing unusual odors, it could indicate underlying problems that need to be addressed. Recognizing the different types of AC smells and their potential causes can help you identify issues early and maintain a healthy indoor environment. Here’s a detailed examination of various AC smells and what they might signify.

Warm Air

If you find warm air blowing out of the vent in your house check if the temperature is correctly set. Make sure that you have the cooling mode on and the temperature is set lower than the temperature outside the house. If you still have warm air blowing it is time you get a technician from a reputed AC repair company to fix the cooling issue with the air conditioner. You need to understand that air conditioning of your home is complex and needs experts to deal with. Never try to fix the complex air conditioning issues on your own.

Inadequate Airflow

If your air conditioning is not cooling properly it is a sign you need to get it repaired says Nester AC Repair. There might be a block in the vent which does not let the air conditioner work properly. However, there might be many reasons why the air conditioner may have insufficient airflow such as dirt in the air filter, broken motor. To increase the quality of the air exchange you may install an energy-recovery ventilator which will boost the exchange of the stale air and will fill the room with fresh air. Installing a zoning system also helps your air conditioning. These devices ensure that you are getting the correct amount of airflow and cooling during the summer when it is needed the most.

Frequent Cycles

Every air conditioner should go through a cooling routine cycles. This should happen in all weather conditions. It is expected that the cooling system would be switch on more during summers but that should not be very frequent. If you see this happen contact a technician to fix the air conditioner. A tune up of the AC should resolve this issue.

Water Leaks

Air conditioners depend on refrigerant to cool your house and thus produce water because of the condensation.  If there is water accumulation near or around your air conditioning it is a sign that the AC is not working properly. You should immediately call the air conditioning technicians as the water leak can cause structural damage to your house.


If there are sudden loud noises coming from your air conditioning you should consult a technician. There might be a loose part in the machine and may affect the cooling of the air conditioner.

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