Styling Your Garage Door – 5 Design Ideas That Can Make Eyes Pop

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Do you know how easy it is to give your garage a solid character? Begin by choosing the right style and design for your garage doors and you are on the right track. Whether you have gone completely traditional in your home décor or for something more modern, you can easily find or create a design similar to this scheme. Following is a quick look at a few very creative and inspiring design ideas for your garage doors:

garage door design ideas

1.   The Bold Black Is Back

Black color is becoming increasingly prominent in several garage door designs these days. If you are looking to make a bold statement, choose a wooden garage door with a shiny black finish over it, coupled with rustic metal embellishments to finish off the look. These are perfect for that ancient appearance that you have been trying to attain for your beautiful brick red house.

2.   Aluminum Loves Fiberglass

The combination of matte finish aluminum that has an almost brushed steel appeal to it with solid fiberglass is the way to go if you have a sleek and ultra-modern exterior to your house. This is going to fit right into your lifestyle if you are minimalistic by nature. The aluminum is going to give it a suave appeal and the fiberglass will add a bit of texture to the whole setup.

3.   Flowers Everywhere

This could add a dash of color to your house and a truckload of character to your garage door. Invest in a dense flower vine that can easily climb and crawl across your wall. Install a lightweight frame that forms a beautiful arch over your garage entryway. But remember, these vines tend to grow thick and haphazardly and might rupture your door if not pruned regularly. Do get in touch with a reliable provider of garage door repair in Philadelphia if you notice any cracks or deformation in your doors or their frames.

4.   Double Door Debonair

People are going crazy for these double-door setups. They are perfect for large houses and are available in both sliding and rotating options. Some of them are made with recycled wood shavings which make them even denser and heavier as compared to traditional wood and other materials. You just have to pick a favorite color and you are done.

5.   Learn To Accessorize

If you have an old or plain jane garage door and do not wish to change anything about it, invest a bit of time in a garage door repair DIY tutorial and learn how to accessorize it right. And, remember to pick a few decorative items such as:

  • Big Beautiful Flower Vases
  • Miniature Gargoyles
  • Funny Looking Gnomes
  • Lifesize Gummy Bears
  • A Set of Beautiful Lights
  • A Bucket of Varnish
  • Intricately Embellished Garage Door Handles

Give your old and creaking garage door a new lease of life. You can either choose one of these accessories or just mix and match 2 or 3 of them to come up with your style of the garage door.


Choose a design that complements your personality. Pick a material that speaks about your life choices and style. Getting this purchase right can make a huge difference in the overall look and appeal of your house.