7 Tips for Buying a Garage Door in Southern PA

Last Updated on April 15, 2022 by Kravelv

A garage door is a significant and highly visible aspect of your home. Therefore, you must pick a garage door that complements your house. When it comes to garage doors, PA residents, especially from Southern Pennsylvania, are famous for using white garage doors.

This choice of color is evident in most American states, and that’s due to the relatively cold climate experienced in most states. There are a lot of garage door vendors in Southern PA and Delaware County who also offer repair services. Knowing what to consider when getting your garage door will determine the right vendor.

Therefore, what should you consider? Below is a guide that will offer you the tips you need before getting one.


There is a wide variety of options in the design and functionality of garage doors; this means the prices vary per design. Either way, there’s a garage door for anyone regardless of your budget. However, If your budget is low, you’ll have to let go of the swankiness that comes with installing high-end garage doors.

If your budget is flexible, leverage that and look for garage doors that allow customization. Most companies that do garage doors in PA offer consultation on what to do if your budget is flexible. The advice considers your house and location.


A right garage door should guarantee you with excellent protection. With the advent of technology came the invention of new home security measures. One of these measures is rolling-code technology. This feature lets the security code change whenever someone uses the remote. Such an action prevents strangers from stealing your garage door opener code.

Therefore, ensure you purchase a garage door that comes with stringent security measures.


Garage doors come out in a variety of designs and make. Some of these designs include wood, aluminum, or vinyl. Picking a material for your garage door depends on a lot of factors, but the prominent one of these factors is locality.

Delaware, for instance, experiences a humid climate most of the year. Therefore, an aluminum garage door will work, given that the design offers rust-resistance. If you’re looking for a design that offers flexibility, then wood is what you need. However, wood needs frequent maintenance. On the other hand, if you need a low maintenance garage door that comes with a variety of colors and prices, opt for steel.


The horsepower ratings of your garage door opener are essential when picking your ideal garage door. Heavy garage doors need a motor with higher horsepower. On the contrary, if your choice is a lightweight garage door, then opt for a motor with less horsepower rating.


The opening style of your garage door is critical when discerning what type of garage door you need. There are different styles of opening your garage doors. If you’re not sure of what method to use, consult with your vendor, but as far as the garage doors, PA residents are famous for using roller garage doors.

Roller garage doors save space, while the up-and-over doors provide durability and are affordable. Other options include sectional garage doors, side-hinged doors, and automated garage doors.

The Size

The size of your garage door directly depends on the size of your car. Standard garage doors come with price and installation time estimates., while non-standard will depend on the scale. The prices don’t differ that much, but it’s vital to consider size when picking your garage door.


When it comes to installation, it’s not advisable to install your garage door by yourself. Unless you’re skilled in installing garage doors, refrain from doing so, and hire a professional. Fortunately, garage door vendors offer installation, so utilize that.

Garage doors are an essential aspect of a home. Therefore, when picking a garage door, you should be keen and choose one that complements your home. 

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