Sun-Proofing Your Home: Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist

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Last Updated on July 31, 2023 by Kravelv

The arrival of summer means bright days, outdoor activities, and a chance to relax. But let’s not forget that our houses also require some tender loving care while we enjoy the warmth of the season. It is vital to sun-proof our houses and create a cool haven inside since the sweltering heat may be tough on our living spaces. We’ll take you on a fun tour of our must-do summer maintenance checklist in this post. Prepare yourself for some fun advice and useful information to keep your house safe and pleasant during the warmest months. We have everything you need to sun-proof your house and have the finest summer ever, from gardening tips and shading solutions to high-tech marvels like Solar Window Tint. So let’s get started and prepare your house for the summer!

Key Takeaways

  • Although summer is a great season, it may be detrimental to our houses. To maintain your house in good condition and shield it from the sweltering sun, you must sun-proof it.
  • Use this entertaining checklist, which includes Solar Window Tint and Shade Options, to protect your house from the summer heat.

Bring on The Shade!

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Shading is the first line of defense against the searing sun. Make sure your property has enough shade structures, such as pergolas, awnings, and patio umbrellas. They not only give your outdoor spaces a charming touch, but they also help you stay cool when lounging outside with friends and family.

Adopt a Lush Landscape

Never undervalue the influence of nature’s greens! The sun’s rays can be naturally blocked off from your home by strategically placing trees and vegetation there. A professionally planted garden is also a great way to improve the curb appeal of your house. Consider cactus, lavender, and succulents as some heat-tolerant plants.

Plug Up Those Holes

You might be surprised to learn that caulking cracks and gaps around windows and doors can save energy use by up to 20%. Fill those cracks to keep your home cool and your power costs low.

Allow the Roof to Breathe

It’s important to maintain the condition of your roof since it takes the brunt of the sun’s anger. Check the roof often for missing or broken shingles. Consider adding roof vents as well to enhance airflow and lessen heat accumulation in the attic.

Applying a New Coat of Paint

A new coat of paint not only transforms the appearance of your house but also serves as a barrier against the sun’s harmful UV rays. To reflect more sunlight and keep your interiors cooler, choose light-colored paints.

Your Sun Shield: Solar Window Tint

Solar Window Tint should be considered now that the summer sun is in full swing. This ground-breaking technology not only improves the privacy and attractiveness of your house, but also significantly reduces the amount of dangerous UV rays that penetrate your interior areas. Solar Window Tint works by directing solar heat away from your windows, lowering interior heat gain, and reducing cooling system load. Additionally, it stops the fading of floors and furnishings brought on by extended sun exposure. Say good-bye to stuffy rooms and welcome to a house that uses less energy while yet being comfortable!

Examine the Cooling System

During the summer, your air conditioner is your best buddy. Make sure it’s in excellent shape by planning routine maintenance. Check refrigerant levels, change or clean the filters, and look for blockages in the outside unit. In addition to keeping you comfortable, a well maintained cooling system will save your energy costs.

Improve Your Ceiling Fans

The best method to be comfortable without turning on the air conditioning is using ceiling fans. In order to provide a cooling breeze during the heat, make sure your fans are spinning counterclockwise. In order to ensure optimal effectiveness, don’t forget to dust the fan blades.

Update Your Outdoor Area

The summer is the ideal season to make the most of your outside area. Thoroughly cleaning your patio furniture will show it some love. To create a lively and welcoming atmosphere, think about adding pillows and cushions in cheery hues.

Check Your Pool

It’s time to jump in the pool if you’re fortunate enough to have one. But first, make sure your pool is in excellent shape. Check for leaks, balance the chemicals, and clean the filters. In addition to being refreshing, a well-kept pool is a fantastic way to cool off on warm summer days.

Establish a Cooling Station

Make a cooling station at home with ice cream, fresh fruit, and cooled drinks. Your family will stay hydrated and rejuvenated while having fun while beating the heat.

Arrange an Energy Audit for the Summer

Consider having a professional energy assessment performed on your house. An energy professional may point out areas for improvement to make your house more energy-efficient and cozy all year long.

Final Thoughts

Even though the summer is a season for enjoyment and leisure, it’s still important to sun-proof your house. These suggestions will assist you in keeping cool and shielding your property from the sweltering sun. They range from providing shade to embracing lush landscaping, maintaining your cooling system, and taking into account Solar Window Tint. So, take action and enjoy a comfortable sun-proofed home all summer long instead of letting the summer heat get the better of your house!