Gardening Tips: Effective Organic Pest Control Methods

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A garden makes for the perfect addition to any backyard. Gardens add natural beauty, attract beneficial insects such as honey bees, and provide fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. However, gardens also attract all sorts of pests that can quickly destroy your hard work if you aren’t careful.

Unfortunately, getting rid of pests is a little tricky, as the whole point of growing your own garden is to produce fresh food that you know is chemical and pesticide-free. Most home gardeners will want to steer clear of harmful insecticides. Luckily, there are plenty of useful organic pest control methods you can work with to keep your garden protected. Here are some easy and effective ways to keep pests out of your garden without dangerous chemical pesticides:  

effective organic pest control methods

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First and foremost, you want to make sure you have rich, healthy soil for your plants. This usually requires mixing mature organic compost with your soil or buying a high-quality soil mix from your local nursery. This will ensure that your plants grow strong and develop a resistance to pests.

Some gardeners start their plants indoors and then transport them outside when they’ve passed their critical growing period.  Others use screens such as row covers to keep insects out while new plants are growing.

Strong, healthy plants can withstand pest invasions for longer periods, so you can prune the damaged plants and leaves before figuring out what kind of pests you’ll have to take care of. Younger, weaker plants, on the other hand, may die if they are disturbed during the growing process.

Plant Your Companions

There are “companion” plants that you can grow that will repel many different kinds of pests, and they double as delicious vegetables! For example, radishes repel cucumber beetles, celery can deter white cabbage months, and onions or garlic can deter many types of aphids.

Natural Predators

There are many types of insects and animals you can deploy to help you with your pest problems. Ladybugs will help control your aphid populations while praying mantises will happily eat offending beetles and caterpillars. If you have space in your backyard, you can even keep some ducks around to deter slugs.  

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Organic Solutions For Your Garden

If you need to protect your garden with non-chemical methods, these organic pest control methods are a great start. However, pay careful attention to which pests are invading your plants as each technique and homemade product is most effective with specific varieties of insect. Everyone’s garden is different, as the local ecology will host its own variety of beneficial insects and harmful pests. With a little patience and experience, however, your garden will be thriving in no time.


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