Are You Embarrassed By Your Vacuum Filter Cleaning Skills? Here’s What To Do

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The vacuum cleaner is perhaps one of the most used household appliances today. This naturally also requires the necessary maintenance.

There are different filters in the vacuum cleaner. There is a filter that protects the engine of the vacuum cleaner against dust by stopping the dirty particles from the extracted air.

In addition, the best vacuum cleaners also have an exhaust filter. This must stop the smallest dust particles before the air is blown out again.

If you use the vacuum cleaner for a while, more and more dirt particles will stick to the filter. Slowly but surely, the filters are getting dirty. That can turn out pretty bad for your vacuum cleaner in the long run.

Why Is It Important to Clean the Filters?

It is very important to regularly clean these dirty filters. If you do not clean the engine filter in time, this can have very harmful consequences for the engine.

If you want the engine to continue to perform optimally, it is very important to keep the engine filter clean.

The same applies to an even more extreme extent for the exhaust filter. This, too, becomes increasingly dirty over time. If you fail to clean the exhaust filter, it may eventually result in an overheated vacuum cleaner.

There can be much more dust releases from the vacuum cleaner, and the suction performance is becoming less and less.

Clean vacuum cleaner filter – how it works

Filters are included in every vacuum cleaner. They need to be cleaned regularly to clear them of debris and maintain vacuum cleaner performance. Read here which filters can be used and how to clean vacuum filter.

Regular cleaning

Filters must be cleaned regularly. Clogged or misplaced filters lead to a loss of performance in the vacuum cleaner and insufficient suction power during operation. Dirty filters can also cause bad smells.

Depending on the functions and design of the vacuum cleaner, different filters may be present inside. These can be so-called permanent filters or disposable filters that can be replaced regularly.

Clean filter

The cleaning options always depend on the filter type. Some filters can be rinsed with warm water to remove the dirt. Particularly stable filters can be washed carefully even in the washing machine at low temperatures.

These cleaning options are particularly common with bagless.

On the other hand, you can, at most, carefully knock out disposable filters. In most cases, they have to be replaced at regular intervals.

You can always find out which filter types have to be cleaned, how and when in the operating instructions of the vacuum cleaner or from the manufacturer’s customer service. Always follow the instructions given there exactly.

Vacuum the filter

If a second vacuum cleaner is available, you can also easily vacuum filters. In most cases, this is also possible with disposable filters to clean them of dust, dirt, and particles.

Clean or replace filters: the engine filter

The filter is one of the most important parts for the proper functioning of the device: keeping your rooms dust-free.

You can clean or replace the filters periodically. Is it clogged filter and hear you sucking a high whistling sound you are already too late.

Most vacuum cleaners have an engine filter and an exhaust filter.

The motor filter, which serves to protect the motor against dust particles, is usually located behind the dust bag and, therefore, just in front of the motor. With an open cover, you can usually see this easily.

Manual cleaning or replacement according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Motor filters are generally relatively cheap, and you will find them in specialty stores for household accessories and vacuum cleaner bags.

Clean or replace filters: the exhaust filter

The exhaust filter is located at the rear of the device. That is the point where the sucked-in air is blown out again by the vacuum cleaner. At the place where the filter is placed is usually a valve with a button, valve, or slider.

If you have removed the cover, the filter is free and easily accessible. There are different types of exhaust filters.

A HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that you can recognize by a frame with fine holes (grid) is specially designed for people with dust allergies. There are also filters made of fleece or foam.

In the manual of the machine, you will find the specifications and the exact way in which the filters can be cleaned.

You can beat most filters or clean them with a crumb thief or your spare device. A clean and well-attached filter is more functional and maximally keeps dust particles out of the air.

If a filter is broken or torn, you must, of course, always replace it immediately. With a dirty, broken, or clogged exhaust filter, vacuuming your rooms has the opposite effect: you spread dust particles instead of removing them.

Fortunately, you are not only handy but moreover almost an expert in the field of maintenance and cleaning.

Clean or replace filters: the water filter

Finally, there are also water filters.

We are not talking about here best vacuum under $200 but still about the traditional vacuum cleaners or regular vacuum cleaners. There is a small reservoir of water in the machine. The sucked-in air is led into the machine along with the water filter, which then retains the dust particles.

The filter consists of a small container with water and is easy to slide in and out. Because this filter uses plain tap water, you can throw the water away after every vacuum round.

Then rinse the container and put it back in the appliance with fresh water.


Of course, you want a vacuum cleaner to last as long as possible. Maintenance is needed for this. If you regularly maintain the vacuum cleaner, you will prevent problems. ‘Maintenance can vary per vacuum cleaner’ says John Plix author of

Regular cleaning of vacuum cleaner filters is easiest if you also clean the filters with every bag change or every time you empty the dust container. This way, you can never forget about it. Always clean all other parts of the vacuum cleaner too.

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