Easy Ways to Improve Curb Appeal on a Budget

Last Updated on January 25, 2023 by Kravelv

Does your house make a great first impression? That’s where curb appeal comes in. Curb appeal measures your home’s attractiveness to anyone looking at it from the sidewalk. Boosting curb appeal helps homeowners sell their properties for a higher price. However, many don’t think about curb appeal until it’s time to put their house on the market when they’re already stressed, with limited funds left to make it happen.

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That said, there are many other benefits to improving your property’s curb appeal. Keeping a neat front yard makes a good impression on neighbors, while a well-decorated porch is inviting to guests. Here are a few budget-friendly DIY projects you can do to improve your home’s curb appeal, whether you’re selling it in the short term or settling in for the long haul.

Beautify your front yard

Keeping up with regular yard maintenance is vital for curb appeal. An overgrown lawn or lots of weeds can make a property appear neglected. Pull weeds, trim hedges, and take care of brown or yellow patches in the yard. Non-toxic grass paint is a quick, easy way to get fresh green grass.

Pay attention to sidewalks and walkways, too. Over the fall and winter, dirt can build up on concrete surfaces. Renting a power washer will eliminate a few months’ worths of dirt and debris in as little as one day.

In some cases, you may have some problematic old stains on concrete pathways. Concrete paint is an excellent option for those tricky spots that refuse to come out.

While a well-manicured lawn does the trick for some, you can always add more visual interest to your yard with trees, flowers, and shrubs. Plant what you love — whether that be roses or hydrangeas. If you’re new to gardening, or you’d like to help the bees, ask your local nursery about plants native to your area. Native plants can be less maintenance than others since they naturally grow where you live. Plus, they help essential pollinators like bees while adding lovely colors and textures to your front yard. Add a water feature and place solar lights to finish the look.

Add a splash of color

A pop of color can brighten up the entire face of your house – without overwhelming your neighbors. Painting your front door is an inexpensive project that only takes a day. Soft blues, warm reds, and inviting greens give your entryway a cheerful, welcoming look. Staining the front door is also a valid option if you prefer a more traditional style.

Keep up with routine maintenance by painting chipped doors and window frames. If the paint on your garage door is peeling, take the time to paint or stain it. Match any shutters to the front door, or paint a few large planters for a less permanent pop of color. Decorating your mailbox is another easy way to set your property apart.

Enhance your Porch

Outdoor living spaces add value to your property while allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors comfortably. Creating a cozy, inviting outdoor space is a great way to make friends, family, and potential homebuyers excited to visit the rest of your house.

Pick out some patio furniture for your front porch. If you have a covered porch, installing a porch swing gets folks outside socializing. There are also plenty of great outdoor pillows you can add to porch swings or plastic Adirondack chairs for added texture and comfort.  Bring the pieces back to life with a coat of fresh paint if you have older metal patio furniture.

Other accessories — like bird feeders, outdoor candles, and outdoor end tables — allow you to personalize your outdoor living space. Outdoor rugs help bring the comfort of the indoors outside, all while protecting your porch floor throughout the seasons.


Taking a day or two to spruce up your front lawn and patio boosts your curb appeal, which ultimately improves your home value. These simple projects are just some ways to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Even if you’re not looking to sell your home anytime soon, you’ll still enjoy lovely landscaping, cheerful pops of color, and outdoor living space for morning cups of coffee or evening drinks. Boosting your curb appeal has many benefits – even if it’s just a peaceful walk to your front door at the end of a long day.

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