Does Your Door Match Your House?

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Perhaps more than anything else, it is the entryway that defines the character of a home. Unavoidably, the entryway often is the home’s focal point: exuding warmth, stateliness, or a forbidding air, as the case may be.

Because the entry door can create such a huge impact on curb appeal as well as on the home’s overall “feel,” a lot of thought often goes into selecting an appropriate size, style, and materials for an entry door. How do you, as a homeowner, pick out one that not only suits your personality, but also fits your home’s specific needs? Let us help you narrow down your options with this post.

A Door for Every Home Style

Regardless of your home’s style, there will always be a door to match it perfectly.

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This home style is characterized by its elegant and timeless features and accents. Solid wood entry doors work well here. Think in terms of a paneled door with bold hardware and vibrant colors or stains.


Cottage homes are known for their laid back appeal. Select a door with a fresh or refreshing main color, with a trim color that matches the home to create a fluid and consistent look. Wood doors will work best, but you can also opt for a composite or fiberglass door that imitates the look of wood to maintain the vintage style.


This artistic home style typically features thick wood doors with glass panes providing an accent to the top 1/3 part of the door. Known as the “craftsman light,” the glass is the signature feature that defines a craftsman door. This distinctive door style allows natural light into the home.


Modern homes are characterized by open, airy spaces with generous amounts of natural light. Doors styled from full, light steel are a great complement to the contemporary look. Fiberglass entry doors with glass paneling from top to bottom can also help enhance a modern home’s minimalist yet functional appeal.

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Some Tips on Choosing the Best Door for Your Home’s Visual Theme

You may not know it, but your front door can impact significantly on your home’s value. The right door can make your home look more welcoming and help set the tone of what to expect inside.

Here are a few more considerations to ensure that your door is both attractive and distinctive, such that it adds to your home’s value:

Look around your neighborhood. Is your neighborhood one of expensive, distinguished-looking homes? If so, don’t opt for loud colors or an overly quirky style that’ll make your home look out of place among the stately homes in your area. You may want your home to stand out, but you won’t want it to look weird.

Pick a color that coordinates your home’s prominent color theme. Your home’s exterior colors should complement each other. It will be best to use three complementing colors, but if you want to add a fourth shade, make sure that you put this color on the front door.

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Go for the extremes. When choosing a color for your door, go for either a light or deep tone, never medium. Light and dark colors are more eye-catching than a medium shade, which will tend to look faded.

The front door plays a huge part in giving your home a welcoming and refreshing appeal. To make sure you make the right choice, consult with a reliable home improvement contractor and get professional recommendations prior to making any changes.


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