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Different Types and Factors to Know About Air Conditioning System

Imagine this; you open the window of your room on a bright sunny day only to find that the hot and humid air enters your room. The fan is no longer effective unless you sit right under it. It only feels better when the fan blows air on you directly, since the moisture from the skin evaporates in the process and makes you feel cool. But this doesn’t reduce the temperature or the humidity of the room. That’s where air conditioners play a key role. They alter the properties of air i.e. temperature and humidity to a comfortable level and in the process also improve the indoor air quality.

There are different types of air conditioning systems installed in homes, offices and also in commercial places and warehouses. Centrally air-conditioned areas are also there, and you can also find split system and the window type air conditioning. The same thing applied to your automobile air conditioning also. In order to cool down the major components of your car, you need an efficient system of air conditioning.

Air Conditioners Work on the Following Principles:

  1. Refrigeration– Here the heat is moved from colder area to hotter area of the room via process of condensation.
  2. Heat Pump– The refrigeration cycle is reversed in order to provide heating to indoor environment then cooling.
  3. Evaporative Cooler– These are also known as water coolers or dessert coolers where the outside hot air is drawn through a wet pad and is converted into a cool air. They work best in dry climates.

The Choice of Air Conditioning System Depends on Number of Factors Such as

  1. Area of the room or the whole building which has to be cooled
  2. Total heat generated in the enclosed area.
  3. Space available to install the system both indoors and outdoors
  4. Interior design or aesthetics of the room
  5. Budget and costing of the system
  6. Ease of installation
  7. After sales service including customer support & warranty

What are the Different Varieties of Air Conditioners Available in the Market?

  1. Window Air Conditioner- They are generally used for single rooms. In this unit all the components like compressor, condenser, coil and evaporator are enclosed in a single device. They are fitted in the slot made in wall of the room.
  2. Split Air Conditioner- These air conditions are mainly divided into two parts; one as indoor unit and other as outdoor unit. The outdoor unit comprises the expansion valve, condenser, and compressor it is mostly installed outside the building. Whereas the indoor units comprises cooling fan and evaporator or the cooling coil. They do not take much space and look modern and can be used for more than one room.
  3. Packaged Air Conditioners- These are used for cooling larger spaces whether at home or office. They can be of two types:
  4. All the components are housed in a single box and the cool air is thrown by a high capacity blower and it blows to all the rooms through ducts.
  5. In the second type the compressor, and the condenser are in one casing, and the compressed gas passes through individual units located in various rooms.
  6. Central Air Conditioners- It is used for cooling big buildings, houses, offices, hotels, gyms, factories and movie theaters. In this system the compressor is of huge size with capacity to produce hundreds of tons cooling.
  7. PTAC – PTAC or packaged terminal air conditioner is a ductless heating and cooling system that can be easily installed through the wall. This type of unit is also great for small rooms since it prevents homeowners from adding a new ductwork to connect to the existing HVAC system. A refurbished PTACs from PTAC4Less are perfect for room renovations or additions to your rooms. The installation of a PTAC system in your home offers undeniable advantages, from energy saving to independent functioning.

As the temperatures are increasing due to global warming more and more people are adapting to modern day air conditioners in order to maintain a comfortable environment at their home, office, cars, malls etc. There are many online portals, from where you can buy the best air conditioning systems.

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