Top Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning

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A split system air conditioning unit is not the same as your window ac or even a central cooling unit. As the name suggests, the unit is basically split up into 2. The idea of doing so is that you are able to divide the functions of the units into separate entities, with different functions and also more of operating ease. It has been seen that there are mainly 2 classic components when it comes to the split air conditioners that include the fan and evaporator. Ideally, you would note that the wall mounted part that is inside the building is the fan while there is a compressor that is posted outside the house or even somewhere near the balcony or the window.

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So on the whole, the working of the split system air conditioning is to extract more of the air from outside and then use it for circulating cooler air inside the building or the house. When the unit is extracting air from the outside, the compressor tends to release the hot air outside too. The cool air is then passed on to the inside unit through copper pipes to make interior cool. The same concept can also be used for regular heating, which works inversely with hot air being released inside and cool air outside.

Benefits of the split system air conditioning

  • The first and foremost benefit that you get with these systems would be that they are much easier to install. Typically, with a window AC, one has the issue of digging a deep hole in the wall so that the air conditioner can be fit in along with other hassles. You are saved with all of these issues here. In this installation there is no need for any duct work at all. The units are set up and mounted with ease. In fact, the indoor unit can be almost 100 feet away from the external one. Additionally, both the outdoor condenser along with the indoor unit are small and don’t really need much space. Being wall mounted, they are definitely more convenient to use.
  • Another aspect of split system air conditioning systems is that they are rather easy to use. One would notice that they are also quite maintainable at home. Sure professional servicing in 6 months is recommended to avoid hassles but if you are actually just cleaning the filters yourself every month, you would be saving yourself a lot of hassle. The filters just need to be washed and cleaned periodically.
  • Less of noise and the ease of operation make these units very popular for contemporary homes and commercial enterprises. One would notice that as compared to the regular air conditioners, these are much on the quite side when it comes to operations. Even though the components are outdoor, there is not really much of noise to cause disturbance to others.
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  • They also come with a heating capability, which means that they are climate controlled. Hence, during the colder months, you can easily use and access them for warming up the house.

Beyond this, the split system air conditioner is also very cost-effective. Most of them feature high ratings on the energy savings side. So in the long run, you are saving on electric bills. Plus, less maintenance, no ductwork, etc. reduce costs on the whole.

With the simple modes of use and designs that satisfy the decisions, these split system air conditioning are not only technologically advanced but definitely a sensible investment.

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  1. Our air conditioning is pretty old, and I was curious about what a different type of system could do. I really like that split systems generate less noise, and are easy to use. It would be nice to not have to worry about a loud start up every time.

  2. I had no idea that a split system air conditioning system could be easier to install than a traditional air conditioning system. I also didn’t realize that a split system air conditioner is very cost effective. I’ll have to check with family and friends who have split system air conditioning to see if they’ve noticed a change in their energy bills. I’ve also heard that different types of air conditioning are better at removing moisture from the air than others!

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